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#PopularPlay: Kelsy Karter


Oct 2, 2020

In times of struggle and anxiety we are living in right now, Kelsy Karter debuted an incredible 12-track LP the promises to take you out of this world.

Entitled “Missing Person,” the LP (THAT IS OUT TODAY!) drives you to the deepest place of Kelsy’s mind and is a safe space for everyone who wants to discover their own self-acceptance.
Considered a personal diary, the album brings memories, feelings, and outbursts of things she had never explored so deeply before, and is considered the artist’s greatest work!

“Making this album helped me to find comfort and freedom in who I am, and I want everyone who hears it to come away with that same feeling”

Karter started her career in her childhood. Born into a family of jazz musicians and being part of an orchestra for a long time, the artist explored her own creativity by writing poetry and, by the age of 16, she started to craft songs. That was the beginning of a long and inspirational career.

Kelsy is out of this world. The way she sees things is compelling and makes you fall in love with her art and her truth. She’s unique and we are glad to have her here.


1. Tell us about your upcoming record ‘Missing Person’? 

Missing Person is a collection of stories about love, rebellion, individuality, heartbreak, and the times we live in. A collection of personal stories from the darkest time of my life and then the best time of my life. I wanted to marry rock with musical theatre, so I did.


2. So, is anyone really missing? 

The title is a metaphor for what I was going through. I was very angry and depressed and lost at the time of writing the record. I didn’t recognize myself.


3. You mentioned having a theater background and being a rebellious kid. What does that look like? 

I mean, I was getting in trouble by day and on stage at night. Maybe not much has changed? haha


4. What about the ‘60s and ‘70s style of music inspires you? 

My Dad brought me up on soul and jazz and so Sam Cooke and James Brown were the artists that really moved me, and taught me how to sing. But then I discovered Bowie and Mick Jagger and they made me want to be a rockstar. All of them happen to be from that time. I also love punk from that time. The IDGAF culture behind the punk scene is something I carry with myself today.


5. From Johnny Depp to Harry Styles, who can we expect you to sing about next? 

Hahahahhahaha!!! Johnny Depp. That song was a massive joke. Like a jingle, I made one day… threw it up on youtube and it took off. I literally had no name for myself then. That makes me giggle now. Not sure who I’ll write about next. Circle back to ya soon ;)


10. You mentioned previously that you originally wanted to be an actress. What made you make the switch from that to music? 

Yeah, acting is my first passion. I wanted to explore directing too. I draw so much inspiration from the film for my music videos. I get to live all my dreams through music. It’s pretty wicked.


11. What is something you wish you got asked more? 

Are you happy? (only because it reminds me that I am)


We re glad you are happy, Kelsy <3

Now, dear popular, your next step is to go listen to “Missing Person” ENTIRELY and, obviously, go follow this cutie all over social media: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.



  • Photography Sarah Pardini