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Aug 4, 2020

Let’s talk about Leah Kate.

Following in the new age of ‘Disco Liberation’ is Leah Kate with her new single ‘Used To This’. Fulfilling our every ’60s fantasy, the artist is Clad in vintage pieces with the retro visuals to match comes the story about a guy who’s finally got it right.

“‘Used to This’ is about a love interest that set a solid precedent for me, compared to the others that I’ve dated in the past. In a lot of my songs, and something that I think is common in songwriting about an ex or a relationship that is ending, the negatives and all the things that went (or could go) wrong get the spotlight.” says the artist. “The video captures me in a moment of joy, as I finally find a man who treats me right. It’s set in a vintage 1960s world, where I receive a love letter from my man inviting me to join him on the pacific coast. ”

Keep reading for our exclusive interview with the artist now.


1. Tell us about “Used To This” – what is the backstory?

I wrote “Used To This” about getting treated very well, which honestly is uncommon in my discography. When I was in the studio, I just wanted to capture to essence of being in a healthy, successful relationship I could get used to…


2. First of all, you look stunning in the music video. We felt a very 60s/70s vibes. What was the idea for the video?

I wanted the energy of the video to match the song – funky, romantic, retro, and vibey….so all of those elements inspired the video!


3. Okay, we HAVE TO talk about your wardrobe. Can we borrow some pieces?

How incredible was the wardrobe! I was styled by Jordan Gross… she is incredible and brought the vision to life! We literally had 48 hours of planning prior to this video. When she came to set, she had 5 racks that just blew me away. I told her the vibe I wanted and she exceeded it. 


4. How was the styling process? What were you inspired by when planning the outfits?

I basically wanted a modern and sexy take on the retro vibe, especially with the apartment and scenery.


5. You do have two more songs that, together, complete your 2020 bundle called! Can you tell us a little bit about those songs and how they complete each other? Or how they stand out?

The songs tell the story of an evolving relationship in the midst of quarantine in 2020. From  “Bad Idea” to “Fuck Up The Friendship” to “Used To This” – i think my listeners have an idea of where things are going. All 3 songs tell a true story!


6. What are your biggest references in music?

I would say my most current inspirations are Tame Impala and Dua Lipa.


7. If you are not working on music, what can we find you doing?

Working out, working on all of my creative / videos, hiking, cooking, eating haha!


8. What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned since social distancing started?

To really appreciate the little things in life and not take a thing for granted.


9. And tell us about your upcoming projects…

An album is in the works!!!



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  • Photographer Pedro Bringas @PedroBringas19
  • Styling Jordan Gross @jordanshilee