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#PopularPlay: lemin.


Jul 13, 2020

The singing, songwriting, and producing extraordinaire known as lemin. just released her new single ‘tv‘. ‘tv’ comes as a hybrid of the artist’s signature blend of r&b, electronic, and alternative-punk all wrapped within a melancholic ballad.

Emerging on the scene in 2015, the artist is known for her truly unique and soulful vocal stylings. Her new journey however, focuses on her current string of EPs entitled ‘hold A: act 1’ and  ‘hold A: act 2’ connected by the telling of love gained and loss through personal growth.


In this interview, lemin. talked to us about her new singles, collaborations, and the heartbreaking story behind one of them!

1. Tell us about “when I met you”. What is the music about?

This one’s about the fragility of memory. When you look back on a relationship, sometimes the details are fuzzy and you end up idealizing what really happened. The song kind of follows the evolution of a relationship from the day we met and how vulnerable we were (“one dark afternoon, and I sang out of tune”) to the highest points (“we spilled wine on the carpet but we’re still dancing”). It’s about a relationship that would never work out so even though I talk about love, there’s pain in it.


2. The song features Sean Leon. Can you tell us how this partnership happened? 

Sean Leon is an incredible artist in Toronto, I’ve admired his art and work ethic for a long time. Jack Rochon, who co-produces a lot of my music, also works on a lot of Seans stuff so when Jack and I were coming up with this track, we knew Sean would be a perfect fit for the beat switch. We sent it to him and he was down as soon as he heard it. So grateful for the passion he had for the track from the beginning.


3. You have a new song called “tv”, which counts with strong vocals and melody. We can feel soul and energy. How is your relationship with the song? What is the backstory? How the idea of the music video came up?

This one makes my chest heavy. Have you ever felt like you were in someone’s life just to fill the empty spaces? You’re not really a person with feelings, you’re kind of just existing in their life for their entertainment, like a TV. The night I realized this was the night I wrote this song. I was waiting for someone to come over like they said they would. I got ready, put on my makeup, but they never showed. I immediately went over to the piano and basically wrote the whole song in a matter of minutes – the feeling just poured out. I talked to my incredibly talented friend and creative director Yaz Butcher about this – the feeling of waiting for someone to text you back, trying to preoccupy yourself with other things, pretending you don’t really care as much as you do. She came up with this incredible music video concept based on that. Trying to distract myself from checking my phone, I begin planting flowers. I look at my phone every so often – still nothing. By the end of the song this person still hasn’t shown, and my house is now covered in flowers.


4. You have a very unique style! You are strong, confident, and transmits passion for what you do. What are your biggest inspirations? 

First off, thank you :) I honestly just want to be true to myself as much as I can and make the music that I’m meant to. I feel like I’m always drawn to artists who are true to themselves too – Frank Ocean, Adele, Andre 3000, James Blake. For the most part, they’ve closed in on a sound or vibe or feeling that is unique because it is authentically them.


5. What message do you want to spread with your music? 

Truthfully it’s a message I also need to send to myself which is: it’s okay to be vulnerable, it’s good to be vulnerable, it’s takes strength to be vulnerable. Be who you truly are, feel what you truly feel, and you’ll make amazing art and you’ll have beautiful relationships.


6. Do you have any upcoming projects? What is coming next?

Yes I dooooo :) I’m working on a full album that I’m really hoping to drop this year!



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  • Photographer Nelson Huang