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#PopularPlay: LOUD HOUND


Jun 17, 2020

LOUD HOUND is the type of artist that breaths music. And not only music but everything that is related to “create something”.
With a new single called “Melancholy Boy”, the artist explained to us the backstory of the song – which made us fall in love even more!
Inspired by some great artists such as Tame Impala and Gorillaz, and in constantly growing, LOUD HOUND has a compelling voice and vibe that will make you his #1 fan at the first chorus.

1. Tell us about your new song “Melancholy Boy”. What the song is about and why this name?
The song is about how I’d constantly blame myself for everything that was going wrong in a relationship I was in with my old girlfriend. I would often confuse my own depression and anxiety with the anxieties from the relationship and it took me a while to realize that we just weren’t meant to be together. Like it would be best if we were on our own because we both had things to work on, ya know? The name Melancholy Boy just came to me because I remember when I was younger, I would ask my mom what this feeling was. Like “why am I not happy or sad right now I’m just blehhhh”. And that’s kind of how I felt towards the end of the relationship I’m referencing in the song. Plus I’m low-key a sad boy sometimes haha.

2. When we looked at you, we fell in love! You are so authentic and artistic that we want to know everything about you. Can you tell me something about you? It can be anything!
Thanks! I’m just being me. I’ve kind of had no other choice but to be artistic. I grew up as an only child and just had my parents, and I think moving around so much in my youth kind of shaped me to treat my creativity as my best friend, ya know?! I love music, I love writing, I love acting, I just love creating. I feel like creative energy has kind of always been the constant in my life and something I could always depend on no matter who or what is in my life. Like, I could have literally nothing but at the end of the day, you can’t take away that creative energy that I found.

3. Who are your inspirations in music?
I would say some of my inspirations are Beck, Tame Impala, and Gorillaz.


4. Why LOUD HOUND? What does that mean to you?
LOUD HOUND came to me a few years back. I was finishing up the mixes for a few songs and I still didn’t have a name yet and I didn’t know what to go with. I like names with animals in it for some reason. Like, most of my favorite bands have animal references in their names and LOUD HOUND just seemed really cool to me. I don’t think there really is some deep meaning behind the name. I mean at the time I was going through a lot with mental health and I was kind of a mess in every aspect of my life – and I felt like a dog that had a lot to say if that makes sense hence LOUD HOUND. 

5. You born in the desert and now are living in New Jersey. How crazy is that, right?
I was actually born in Philadelphia but my parents and I moved all over the country and Canada as a kid. We lived in a tiny beach town in New Jersey, to Iowa, Kenora Canada, Minnesota, back to New Jersey, to Las Vegas Nevada for a while, back to New Jersey AGAIN, then I moved to New York City for college, back to a tiny beach town in New Jersey and now everyone in my family is starting to move around alone. But yeah, living in the desert was so cool. I honestly miss it so much. There is nothing like it. There are so much vastness and beauty in the desert. I remember as a kid I would look out of my window and see nothing but an endless expansion and towering canyons on the horizon. Back then it felt like I was staring at heaven.

6. If you had to choose the next city to live in, where would it be?
The next place I’d like to live in LA. Which I am actually heading out to move to in a few weeks. So you caught me at the right time! Hahah

7. Do you have any upcoming projects or future plans?
For right now, I’m just focusing on releasing singles. I want to continue growing the LOUD HOUND fan base and family. A bigger project doesn’t feel right to me yet. Maybe it will soon? I have a bunch of material I want to roll out between now and December and I think what makes the most sense for me is to just continue the momentum, reaching more people, and giving the current fans relatable music that they can connect with. The idea of a bigger project just doesn’t make sense for me right now. I see it happening 100% but not until its time. Maybe when I’m in LA I’ll start working on it :)

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