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Nov 20, 2020

Make way for MAY-A! The indie-pop artist released a stripped version of her new single “Apricots,” a moody and elusive song paired with a striking video shot and directed by the singer and her friends in Australia!

“Apricots” is a personal manifestation of the 19-year-old singer’s own experiences. MAY-A penned its moving melodies during the time she was coming to terms with her sexuality. As she discovered her feelings for a girl, the song offers a glimpse into the vulnerability of passion and identity of a blossoming queer relationship.

The Sydney-based songstress has been writing music since she was 12. Since her musical debut, she has released four singles and is quickly gaining attention for her raw and relatable lyrics that reveal a mature outlook beyond her youth. “Apricots” follows up her previous singles “Green,” “All Girls Aren’t the Same,” and “Fool’s Paradise.”

Listeners will be happy to hear that MAY-A stays true to her identity with “Apricots.” Its contemplative lyrics and dreamy instrumentals make the song a perfect hit with lovers of indie.

“Recording a stripped back version of a song that is already so personal feels very intimate, but in a good way. I’m excited to share it with everyone,” the singer said.


Listen to “Apricots” now and read more about MAY-A in our interview with the artist below!


Do you remember the specific moment when the idea of apricots came to you?

I’d just gotten to the studio straight from hanging out with this girl and my emotions were super out of whack. I’m pretty sure we were meant to write a completely different song on that particular day but I can definitely say ‘Apricots’ was completely unplanned and more of a stream-of-consciousness word vomit rather than an idea. It was something that I needed to get out of my system, so I’d say that the song was a right-place-right-time moment.


Was there anything about releasing this song that worried you?

I honestly didn’t think too much of it. I was a little nervous about how people would interpret the song and if previous listeners would still enjoy it, but honestly I felt more relieved than worried, I’d been holding onto that song for what felt like forever.


As an artist, how do you protect the art you put out into the world?

Someone once told me they felt as though when you put art out into the world it is no longer yours. I kind of agree with this. You’re giving something away for people to form their own opinions on. They relate it to their own personal experiences and choose when they want to incorporate it in their lives, it they even want to, so it does become theirs in a way. Songs people play in the background become a part of their memories, art that is hung in people’s houses become a part of their every day life. I think the thought of that is really sweet, you can be such a big part of someone’s life without even knowing them. So I don’t think it needs protection, I think it’ll find the right people who will protect it themselves.


What is something you want incoming fans to know about you?

I think I’d want people to know that I’m just like them. With similar insecurities and anxieties and that I’d like to never take myself too seriously.


Do you currently have a name for your fans? And if not, what would they be called?

I don’t think fanbases should have names honestly :) I think it’s cooler to each be your own person.


What do you look for when you’re looking for new music/artists to listen to?

Honestly! Sometimes I just type random shit into Spotify or I’ll keep clicking on random profiles from the “fans also like” section and add a bunch of songs to a massive playlist and then continue listening to the songs I actually like. I can do this kind of stuff for hours, you never know where you’ll end up.


As an artist, when do you feel most present?

I think I feel the most present at very random times. When I’m feeling super inspired, it’s more of a very frantic, manic-like feeling of ‘ihavetodothisrightthissecondori’lllosetheidea’ and even when I’m in the studio I’ll be so focused on getting the sound or the lyrics or the feeling correct, Even when painting I get stressed that the picture is not being executed in the same way I can see it in my brain. I think I’m the most present when I’m randomly writing in a book for no purpose or reason, or I’ve stopped in the middle of a moment to type out some lyrics on my phone. Those sort of short-lived moments where I feel like I’ve paused life for a second to write something down. That’s where a lot of my best lyrics come from.



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