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Aug 10, 2020

The LA-based artist morgxn is exactly what we need to start this week off! The talented singer just released his new single ”Wonder” and it’s garnering a lot to attention, especially for the music video.

“Wonder” is an inspirational anthem that speaks to the self-doubt and fear that we are currently facing now more than ever and counts with an emotional video featuring a group of fans, influencers, health care workers, drag queens, LGBTQ+/allies, and youth from Covenant House, a homeless youth shelter morgxn is very connected to in LA.

The emotional connection you create with the song is instantaneous and represents the mixture of feelings we are facing during this tough time. The video shows that we are all the same, no matter the gender, social class, career, or nationality!

“Wonder” is part of his upcoming EP and while we are waiting for, what about check morgxn interview for Popular TV?


1. Let’s talk about “Wonder”. What the song is about?

The song has evolved for me from the time I wrote it which was in a personal state of panic and fear – to what it feels like today: A more global state of worry and wonder. I wonder if I’ll ever be fearless … sure…. but I really wonder if queer youth in America feel safe. I wonder if black youth in America are given more opportunities not only to survive but to thrive. I wonder if any of these words can leave the page and reach people in a world that is so full of hate it can be easy to just give up.

2. The music video features your fans, which is incredible because creates a true connection between you and them. How is your relationship with your fans?

My relationship with my fans is what keeps me going. I’ve been really honest about my anxiety and struggle to accept myself – and I think it creates a safe space to be together. I’ve felt picked up many times by them. even making this video – while it felt like my world was crashing it also felt like the world was crashing. and so my idea really was to see if we could make something in the safety of our own homes. I don’t know if I really told them this – but their willingness to just dive right in… it kept me going. It made me get out of my own way. in some ways, it helped me get out of bed some days. it gave me hope during a very dark time.


3. How were the video selections for the music video?

I worked with a friend Dani Okon on all of the visuals for this chapter and we didn’t plan who would be in this video. but with almost every submission we would text each other “omg did you see this? tears” it was a strange sense of magic making the video. each clip was like – did you cast this? no. it’s just humanity. We are all so separated at this moment but really truly so connected. as we were making the video it felt like each video was speaking to us – saying “we matter. do you hear me? do you see me?” this video represents the heart of humanity.

More specifically – it first started with Prince Welcome Matt ( who I first discovered from a viral Reddit post where he was replacing gendered pillows in a department store and my song Home was playing in the clip. he actually filmed an entire video version. Then I discovered Kevin ( ) from another clip that a friend texted to me. It kind of naturally evolved into this adventure of combining clips and seeing what kind of journey it would take us on. It started with conversations between me and Dani in February and really grew and evolved as the world came to a halt and as America specifically grappled with itself. Wonder was this wild through-line that I’m still living.


4. One of your biggest songwriting characteristics is the connection you create with them. Tell us about your creative process when writing a song. 

I look for an ‘aha’ moment in every song I write. it’s a sense of discovery that makes me feel like a song is coming through. WONDER had different lyrics in the chorus but it was really my collaborator on the song, Gary Go, who asked me “what do you really wonder?” and it was immediate: “I wonder if I’ll ever be fearless. I wonder if I’ll end up alone. don’t know where I’m going” these questions keep me up at night. they drive me. I think songs are snapshots. but they also evolve over time. sometimes I don’t know what I’m writing when I write it. that is ok.

5. You were one of the Billie Eilish inspirations (which is amazing!!!!) Well, now we want to know YOUR biggest inspirations.

Yah that was wild. my phone was going nuts that day. I love Spike Lee, Frank Ocean, Luther Vandross, Carole King, Sara Bareilles, Lucius, my brother, Greta Thunberg, and Sarah Cooper – who does the great lip syncs of 45’s speeches.

6. Was there a pivotal moment that made you realize you wanted to pursue music full-time?

I’m still wondering if I can pursue this full time or if this is just some big-time suck that will leave me broke and defeated. I think about quitting every day because it’s hard to keep on, but I also wake up and feel inspired to create and music helps me to put the pieces together, so I wonder what comes of it…

7. You have an upcoming self-released EP. Can you describe this EP in three words?

Wonder. Truth. Power.


8. What are you planning for the next few months?

I’ve got so many plans but 2020 has taught me to throw them out. I will release the best music of my life and I will keep making and creating opportunities to lift others up.


We are excited about everything its coming, morgxn!

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