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#PopularPlay: Nightly


Sep 18, 2020

Make way for Nightly! Buckle in as this alternative pop band is back with their dreamy new track “the car,” a sentimental song that fans are sure to love.

The Nashville-based trio is made up of cousins Jonathan Capeci and Joey Beretta alongside drummer Nick Sainato. Nightly released their debut EP in 2016, featuring “XO” with over 10 million streams!

The band’s switched gears since then, and under their new partnership with BMG Recordings, they’ve been cranking it up with delicate new numbers like “the movies” featuring Charli Adams and “summer.”

Nightly continues to fuel the fires of heartbreak with the announcement that their debut album, “night, love you” is coming Oct. 16!


1. Tell us about your new single ‘the car’.

We’ve been so stoked for people to hear this one! It’s one of the first songs we had written, and it helped us find what direction we wanted to go in.


2. Was there a single moment for any of you when you realize the music is what you want to pursue?

When I was around 14 my mom made me take guitar lessons. I was reluctant at first, but the second I learned to play a power chord I was hooked! Since then I have tried to do a bunch of other things, but music is the only thing that has ever made me happy.


3. Do you remember your first performance as Nightly?

Sure do! We played 4 songs for an event that was being held in Nashville. I’m pretty sure we only had 3 songs written at that point, so we had to write something quick to fill the time. I’m pretty confident that song will never be released haha


4. What does the creative process look like behind the scenes?

Every song is different, but the best ones usually start with a vibe. Either a drum groove, synth part, or guitar hook. Jon is constantly writing lyric ideas down in his phone, so a lot of times he scrolls through and finds something that is a launching point. It takes a lot of bad songs to get to one we love, but it’s worth the process. We know we’re heading in the right direction if we are all jumping around the studio


5. Nashville has such a distinct music scene. How has the city influenced your sound?

There is so much talent in this city. You can literally find some of the best musicians you’ve ever heard playing in a bar on a Tuesday. It has made us really take our craft seriously.


6. What is something you wish more fans know about you?

Jon and Joey are cousins.

Nick and Joey are born on the same day and year, and our older sisters were born on the same day and year.


7. In anticipation of your new album, what are each of your favorite songs off of the new project and why?

 Nick: Mess In My Head. I love this song because its in a bit of a different direction then we have done before

Jon:  Older. This is the most honest song we’ve ever written. Its a slower vibe which I think people will really connect with.

Joey:  Time Online. We had 3 or 4 versions of this song before we finally found the one we love. It was a hard process, but I love where we ended up.


8. What are you looking forward to experiencing in your career?

CAN NOT WAIT TO TOUR AGAIN. I can’t wait to be able to play shows. We have the best fans in the world and it has been so hard not meeting and hanging with them.


9. Ask each other a question.

Nick will you ever shave your mustache?

Nick: no never it’s where my powers are stored.


Stay up to speed with Nightly on Instagram and Twitter and let the feels take the wheel by listening to “the car” here! :