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#PopularPlay: Party Nails


Jun 9, 2020

The Los Angeles based singer Party Nails is debuting her new album titled by the age old adage, “You Don’t Have To Go Home But You Can’t Stay Here”.

Party Nails (née Elana Belle Carroll) admitted her first album was about love and mone, but this one is about booze, family and night-time.  Party Nails confides, “I was drinking a lot, and eventually quit, so a lot of the lyrics are about a state of inebriation and time of night, the positive, negative and in between.

Her most popular song however, is her collab with DJ Getter on the track ‘Solo’! The atmospheric track is filled with the singers signature vocals along with the complex echo of reverb giving off a euphoric and hazy feeling. The multitalented artist is no stranger to collaborations having written and provided vocals for other projects for Battle Tapes and MitiS, as well as produces and engineers other artists between tours.

Keep reading to learn about the production process behind the album, her favorite song from the album, and ‘why party nails?’.



1. Tell us about your new album “You Don’t Have To Go Home But You Can’t Stay Here”! How was the production process?
The first single, “Take Me Somewhere” came out a year ago and was a collaboration with producer Summer Heart. I listened to a couple of instrumentals of his and fell in love with this one instantly, and wrote the song quickly. I made a music video for it as well. “Yours To Take”, “Dream Closely”, “Time To Settle Down” and “Cut To Bleed” I made by myself, the latter being almost included on my first album, Past Lives, and Paychecks. “Eden” was a co-write that I’d been sitting on for a while. The rest I started on my own, either in my home studio or on my laptop while on tour, and brought them to co-producer Ben Greenspan who brought them to the finish line with me. He produced “Eden” to its final form as well.

2. Can you explain why you chose that title for the album?
It’s what the bartender says at the end of the night, after the last call.


3. Do you have a favorite song from the album?
That’s a hard question! It changes depending on the context. I think “Valentine” is really strange and beautiful. “Emeralds” is really fun to play live. I’m really proud of them all.


4. Who are your inspirations in music?
Robyn, Dolly Parton, Prince, Trent Reznor, SZA, Kacey Musgraves, Tina Turner, Hayley Williams, and my friends that I like to work with like Ben Greenspan, Ryan Nasci (who mixed the album), Caleb Shreve (who I worked with a lot on my EP and first album) and others.


5. Why Party Nails?
I saw some friends doing their nails before going out and the name popped into my head and it felt right!


6. What does popular mean to you?
Fresh, fun, dope people and their work, connecting in a special way.


7. Do you have any upcoming projects or future plans?
More music videos! I planned to tour but will probably not be able to until 2021, so I’ll be missing that connection with people for sure. Working on album three :)  


Populars, you all know what to do now: Stream “You Don’t Have To Go Home But You Can’t Stay Here” below and follow Party Nails on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.