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#PopularPlay: RYDYR

Photographer: Ashley Osborn


Aug 9, 2020

RYDYR is the kind of artist that once you’ve heard it, it’s a path of no return. You are already addicted!

With a new song called “See You Around” that comes with an intimidate and powerful music video, RYDYR proves that the music is in his blood. The song has a mix of indie and pop, and the soft arrangements make it a must add to any relaxing weekend playlist.

RYDYR’s relationship with music started very early and his current work shows growth, maturity, and versatility.


1. Tell us the story behind your latest single “See You Around.” 

 The creation of the song was inspired by fans who asked me to write about mental health. Wanted to remind people we are all in this together and I hope we are always reminding each other it’s okay to be your true self. Bring inclusion rather than division and delusion.  The world is missing that.  That’s why our society is currently in shambles.


2. You’re originally from a small town outside of Dallas. What was the transition like from Texas to Los Angeles?  

Yeah, I came from a small town so just the pace and the energy of LA were so new and exciting. I had been to NYC a few times and experienced a city that dense as well, so LA felt like the perfect middle ground between the space I had in Texas, but also enough city energy for me as well.


 3. You were previously in the music group IM5. Compare working in a group versus working as a solo act.

Well, the biggest thing is just creating something for yourself. Being able to express as an individual rather than a group mind is entirely different. Freeing in many ways, and a little more difficult in others. It’s been a wonderful experience being able to create for myself, though.


4. You mentioned in a previous interview you don’t necessarily stick to one genre and instead, you appreciate and pull from different music styles to complete your sound. Is there a genre you haven’t experimented with that you would like to delve into? 

I’ve been writing a lot recently with a little more country influence so I’m excited to see how that turns out.


5. RYDYR is obviously your music pseudonym, but would you ever consider releasing music under your real name, Cole Pendery? Why did you choose RYDYR as your namesake in the first place?

Cole Pendery at the end of the day is so much more than just a music artist. I wanted to give myself the freedom and not commodify my name as a music brand. Rather create a separate brand for my music. No different than people like The Weeknd, Childish Gambino, etc.


6. You worked with Zakk Cervini on your debut EP who just happened to help pioneer the genre of pop-punk. What was that like and did he have any wisdom for you?

Zakk is an incredibly talented and amazing human being. It’s always an honor to be working with him and absorbing his knowledge. He always is just so full of encouragement and just reinforces the voice of creativity.


7. What can RYDYR fans look forward to in the upcoming months? 

They can expect a lot more music coming their way very soon!!


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