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#PopularPlay: Savannah Conley


Jul 6, 2020

When the subject is music, Savannah Conley doesn’t hesitate in showing off exactly what the world is in need of. The Nashville-based singer was born surrounded by music and you can feel her passion throughout her songs.

Inspired by her family and some big names in music, Savannah owns her unique musical style and serves as inspiration for young artists who dream of pursuing a musical career.
We talked a little bit with the singer – who already won the John Lennon Songwriting Award at the age of 19 – and asked about the pressure of being a Nashville artist, what was it like to receive that great award and much other cool stuff.


1. Tell us about “Never Want to Be in Love” and the inspiration behind the song.
The song started out as a first co-write with me and a guy named Andrew Petroff, a wonderful writer/musician. We were talking about life and love and blah blah, ya know *feelings*. Gross (just kidding). But I had just recently become interested in a person for the first time in a long time, and I said to Andrew, ”Ya know I just don’t know if I ever want to be in love again. It’s fucking terrifying.” And that was that. We had a song. Fast forward a few months, and I’m going through songs with the badass of a producer, Gabe Simon, and he just thought there was something magical about that sentiment. We reworked the song together into what it is now, and it became one of our favorite tracks we worked on.


2. You are a Nashville-native artist. Nashville for itself is known for being the city of music, especially country. Have you ever felt any pressure in the music business for being a Nashville-native?
Oh, for sure. The majority of my friends are Nashville natives as well and I think we’ve all felt that pressure. Growing up in an industry-centric town, there is definitely a pressure to be instant “pro”.


3. You came from a musician’s family! Your mom is a singer and your dad is a guitarist. Do you remember what was your first contact with music?
I was surrounded by music my whole life, so I couldn’t tell you my first contact with it, but I do remember realizing that it was something special. There was no specific instance, but I remember being about eleven and thinking, “Woah! Music is actually really cool.” It becomes commonplace when it’s all your family does, but around that age, it clicked that music wasn’t something you take for granted.


4. You won the John Lennon Songwriting award at the age of 19, which is awesome! Do you have any special advice for young artists that dream about the music world?
Do what you feel is the most authentic to you, but don’t be afraid to take advice. And, also, don’t take any shit.


5. Do you have any special tricks when writing a song? Anything that helps you to develop an idea?
Oh god, no. If you have any please let me know!


6. Who are your musical inspirations?
Stevie Nicks, Feist, Coldplay, Dolly Parton, The Andrews Sisters, Neil Young, Dolly Parton, Keane… the list goes on and on.


7. Do you feel fulfilled as an artist?

Nope, and hopefully never will.


8. What are your upcoming plans? Do you have anything coming you would like to share with us?
Future plans in the real world are currently put on hold for everyone, sadly. But, we are releasing new music digitally and hopefully will be able to get back out there and play shows sooner rather than later. The first single comes out June 26th followed by five more songs after that to become an EP once they’re all released. This has been a bizarre process for this project top to bottom, so I’m stoked to have them finally coming out. I’m really proud of them all.



You know what is next, huh?! Go listen to “Never Want to Be in Love” and follow this beautiful all over social media – we already did and we recommend it!
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