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#PopularPlay: Seint Monet


Sep 19, 2020

Up-and-coming soul and pop sensation Seint Monet is back with new music. Her latest single, “What Does It Mean,” was recently released and continues the anticipation leading up to her debut EP. 

This new track covers the concept of falling in love with a person who you barely know. It was written earlier last year about a man who was seemingly unattainable for Seint Monet to reach both emotionally and romantically. This, of course, came with a certain amount of frustration due to the struggle of solidifying any sort of relationship with him. 

What Does It Mean” follows the release of Seint Monet’s debut single “Bloom” which was released in early August of this year. “32 Degrees” marked the second single Seint Monet, also known as Colleen O’Donnell, shared with fans. Her unique sound and relatable lyrics have continued to capture countless listeners and music fans globally with only a few released tracks thus far. 

Seint Monet’s upcoming EP “Bloom is expected to be released at THIS FRIDAY, September 25th. In an exclusive interview with PopularTV, Seint Monet opens up about her brand new music, future career plans, and more. 


1. Tell us about your new single, “What Does It Mean”, and how this song came to be.

“What Does It Mean” was written in February of 2019. I was in one of the practice rooms at my school, thinking about this guy I had a crush on. The more I thought about it, the more I realized I knew basically nothing about him. It was super frustrating to feel like I couldn’t get to him. A relationship with him felt unattainable. A year later, I brought this song to Mike Malchicoff in LA, who really breathed life into it.


2. Your debut EP is almost here! What can you tell us about it and how to get prepared for it?

Yes! It feels surreal. The “Bloom” EP consists of six songs, three of which are singles. It is very much a mix of genres. Each song has its own unique sound, while all still being very cohesive. My goal with this EP was to abandon the idea of falling under one genre. 


3. How long have you been working on the EP?

My manager and I had been throwing around the idea to release an EP since last summer but didn’t make it a concrete plan until around February of this year. We decided to wait until we had a batch of songs that we knew portrayed the exact sound and brand of Seint Monet.


4. How has your music style changed since you started your career?

Since I started writing, I would say that my sound hasn’t changed much, rather matured. I’ve always been influenced by soul music and feel that I now know how to balance the elements of soul and pop music. Being an independent artist, I have more freedom to experiment with my sound, which is what I did with this upcoming EP.


5. Tell us the concept of Bloom’s music video and how was the creative process?

The “Bloom” music video was directed by Daniel Chaney and Kathryn Hurtado. From the start, we knew that we wanted the video to have floral imagery, with elegant and soft tones, especially since the song itself has such specific lyrics. Dan and Kat then had the idea to make it seem as though I was singing to someone throughout the video, until the end where it reveals that I am just day-dreaming. We shot this video in two days – it was so much fun. Most of the props you see were either borrowed or homemade. The first day of shooting, Kat and I got to the studio early in the morning and built the wall that you see in the scene where the painting comes to life. I had some music video experience prior, but this was the first one that was so creative and hands-on.


6. Describe “32 Degrees” in three words.

New Jersey anthem.


7. All your videos have a vintage aesthetic, which is super cool and trending. What is your favorite vintage decade?

Yes! I am a big fan of anything vintage. I would say the ’90s is my favorite vintage decade. Kathryn Hurtado, the stylist, and co-director on both music videos has really helped me hone Seint Monet’s aesthetic. We are both a big fan of the simple elegance that many designers in the 90’s embraced, and try to portray that in our videos.


8. Tell us about your future career plans! What should we expect?

I have so much more planned for the next few months: merch, live sessions, live shows (hopefully), new music, new videos, etc. Be on the lookout for tons of new content!!


Don’t forget to listen to “What Does It Mean” and to follow Seint all over social media: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.