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Oct 16, 2020

Guess who’s back with new music?! Since the global success of their breakout hit single “Trampoline,” the multi-platinum DC trio SHAED is reaping the fruits of their success. As a new LP release marked for or next year, the band has just released the newest single of their career: No Other Way!

With spontaneous and lively beats, the song is the perfect choice to add to that playlist that everyone has: “Starting the day feeling awesome“. The song conveys the best of SHAED: authenticity and talent, and is the perfect song to be the LP’s first single!

Along the way, SHAED has conquered nearly 2 BILLION streams and has performed in some of the biggest music festivals in the world.  Oh, and the awards?! The band dominated the IHeart Awards this year and ended up taking home two trophies: One for Best New Rock / Alternative Rock Artist and another one for Best Remix.

Besides the talent for music, the band has a UNIQUE style – And we can only say one thing: BE CAREFUL WITH THE WARDROBE BECAUSE WE WANT EVERYTHING. Their style helps to enhance their cool identity and creates an entire SHAED atmosphere.

Today, these three talented guys are with us here at PopularTV and shared everything about their upcoming projects and the massive success of Trampoline.

1. From inception to now, how has the way you create change?

First and foremost we’re a family band – I’m married to Spencer, and Spencer and Max are twin brothers so our songwriting process has always been centered around honesty and equal collaboration. The biggest change recently is that we no longer all live together :( Max moved to DC while Spencer and I moved to Northern Virginia. Luckily we’re only 25 minutes apart.

2. Obviously, you all are very well known for the breakout hit Trampoline (which has been streamed 1.6 BILLION times). What do you think it is about that song that made it do so well?

To be honest we’re not sure what the secret formula was. When we sat in our home studio and wrote a song about embracing our greatest fears, we never imagined it would change our lives. Maybe it was just the right formula at the right time (best friends + home studio + good vibes + our truth = Trampoline.) It remains one of our favorite songs we have ever written. We’re still pinching ourselves every day.

3. For Max: It’s amazing that you are using your voice and music to bring awareness to the LGBTQ+ community. What is a conversation or topic you think should be at the forefront right now?

The protection of black trans women within the larger context of the “Black Trans Lives Matter” movement is incredibly important right now. Black trans women are not only dying at alarming rates, but their lives are often devalued or made invisible by media outlets who misgender them after their death. Almost 40% of black trans women have taken part in income-based sex work while living in poverty in the United States according to a recent study by the National Center for Transgender Equality. Sadly, our current administration has demonstrated that it unapologetically undervalues black lives and trans lives, so it’s up to us to ensure the protection of black trans lives, especially black trans women.

4. You’ve performed at multiple festivals around the world. What differences did you feel on the different world stages?

There is certain magic wrapped up in every festival that you can’t put your finger on – the crowd size, the energy, the location, and the time of day all factor into the experience. Playing the Summer Sonic festival in Tokyo, Japan in an indoor arena was so different from playing the Corona Capital Festival in Mexico City in an enormous field, but both were equally incredible.

5. On previous tours you’ve performed with so many acts from Charli XCX to X Ambassadors. What does your dream tour lineup look like?

You know, if we could bring Frank Sinatra back from the dead, that would be ideal.

6. What do you feel has been the most surreal moment of your career?

There have been so many surreal moments these past couples of years – Trampoline in the Apple commercial, visiting Japan for the first time and falling deeply in love, playing on some of our favorite late-night shows, working with Zayn on the “Trampoline” remix, and writing our debut album…I mean honestly the list goes on and on. Each thing gets better and better.

7.  What are you looking forward to experiencing?

Playing for people again! We’re really interested to see what touring looks like in 2021… excited and a bit nervous.

8. How is your upcoming LP going to compare to your previous releases?

Our debut album feels incredibly true to us. Trampoline opened a lot of doors for us – we started writing songs from scratch with amazing songwriters and producers but the songs we were creating weren’t telling our story. We felt a bit lost in the mishmash of music this process resulted in. So we scrapped all of those tracks and started fresh when the pandemic hit. We locked ourselves in our studio for months and wrote songs about the emotional rollercoaster we’ve all been experiencing during this time. This album tells our story more than anything we’ve done before.

9. What is something you each wish you got asked more?

Music consumes our lives and is a huge part of who we are, but I think that sometimes there is a little too much focus on the musical side of a human – their favorite songs, their favorite show, their band name, and not enough questions about the person as a whole. The uniqueness of each person – whether musician, visual artist, lawyer, scientist, etc.- is sometimes more compelling.

You can listen to “No Other Way” below! Don’t forget to follow them all over social media: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.