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#PopularPlay: Stay Over


Sep 12, 2020

Stay Over revives the 90s/early 2000s skater aesthetic in his latest video for single “IDKATL,” and it’s already a success! IDKATL was featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist and major alternative playlists and proves that Stay Over is here to stay!

The song is part of a string of singles that will cover Stay Over’s personal themes like love, loss, happiness, grief, and his own struggles with mental health. The idea is to encourage people to connect with themselves and to show that no one is alone!

Stay Over is an example of struggle and force and uses his voice to help people who are experiencing issues, empowering them to speak about it! We are living in an introspective moment and a lot of reconnection with our interior, so we advise more than ever, you take a little time and read this interview, as well as listening to Stay Over’s art. Together we are stronger!


1. Let’s talk about “IDKATL.” What is the inspiration behind the song and video?

We wanted to recreate and pay homage to Lords Of Dogtown. one of my favorite movies. the energy. the feel. we wanted the video to be a beautiful mess. That’s why I had makeup smeared on my face. beautiful chaos. 


2. Can you explain the single’s artwork?

 The artwork for all of my music was created by Nadav Benjamin and QU. the IDKATL cover specifically has a mirror front and center because the song addresses self-reflection. asking the right questions. taking that hard look at ourselves. as individuals and as a whole. what is going on in this life we live and why the fuck does it all feel so strange? that’s the whole point. of the song. and cover art.


3. Why “Stay Over”? How did you come up with this name?

 I want to love. I want companionship. I want family. I don’t want the days to end. I don’t want to be alone.


4. Well, you are a complete artist and one of your biggest strengths is your songwriting talent! How writing has acted as a form of therapy for the mental health struggles you have faced?

Thank you. Writing is my therapy. It allows me to express my innermost thoughts and honest feelings. I’m not good at communicating with ppl in my life a lot of the time. My music is my way of communicating. Transporting it all from my brain to yours. Through sound. Through images. It’s my therapy. 


5. Your song “Happy” has organically amassed over 1.2 million Spotify streams and was just featured globally by Snapchat. How cool is that? Did you imagine conquering this huge number?

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want 50,000,000 streams on Happy. That’s a big number in my eyes. but yeah, it’s pretty fucking cool to see everything in motion. I wrote and recorded Happy a year ago when I was visiting my parents in Philly. I was depressed and manic and was awake until 8 AM working on music. I didn’t know if that song would ever be released and to see it get some love already is fucking awesome. I’m thankful. 


6. You are an inspiration for many young people and found your place in music. Can you explain a little bit about your relationship with music? How did it start, when did you fall in love with it?

Music has been my whole life since I was a kid. it gave me hope. inspiration. an escape. I started writing poetry in middle school and then around that time I started writing verses and songs. it was something I was good at it. It made me feel good to finally find something I was good at it. 


7. A message for young artists!

Make whatever type of shit you want to make. You are you for a reason. Use it to your advantage. We all have qualities that make us authentically ourselves. Use that as much as you can. 


8. Tell us about your upcoming projects.

More new music. and then maybe a project. But not sure yet. we’ll see. I just wanna be healthy and happy and have my music be able to help out a bunch of kids that need it.


You can watch “IDKATL” below! Don’t forget to follow Stay Over on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.