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#PopularPlay: Tayler Buono


Jul 10, 2020

It’s. Finally. HERE.


The long awaited music video for Tayler Buono‘s new music video for ‘Screen‘ is finally here! Like many artists currently in quarantine, Tayler found inspiration in isolation, turning the lens, or in this case her iPhone camera, on the world around her as an escape.

Under the description for the official video Tayler wrote “I wanted to release “Screen” to add to the conversation about the effect social media can have on mental health. Social media can either isolate us or connect us depending on how we use it. I was originally inspired to write “Screen” after spending hours in bed one day scrolling through social media, feeling depressed, and sick of living life through my phone.”

The new track, meant to inspire those finding themselves lost or a prisoner to their phons during this time, the song delves into the ‘perfect illusion’ that is captured on social media. The video however is another story seemingly portraying Taylers “two sides”. The side that is putting on a costume for social media and the side that is shackled to her device (BTW – We also want to scream about that Tayler). The song keeps ell with Taylers signature ‘honest emo’ tone while using more of a satire pop sound that couples well with the first wave of abandonment we’re going to feel after leaving our phones (at least for the weekend) after listening to this.

Luckily, we got to talk to Tayler about the filming of the video, what inspires her, and what’s to come!


1. You have a new song called “Screen” that was recorded in your house. And with your cellphone! How different it was? Are you now a PRO in homemade videos? 

I had so much fun filming the video for “Screen” on my phone! At first I was overwhelmed at the thought of shooting my own music video because I’m usually really bad with tech- nology. But I’m really glad I went for it because now I have a fun memory to look back on during my time in quarantine and it pushed me to learn a lot of new things! I wouldn’t say I’m a pro but I learned a lot about video, lighting, green screens, and backdrops. And I learned how to make a music video on a very low budget. 



2.What is the music about and how did you come up with the video concept? 

I wrote “Screen” about the anxiety, comparison, and isolation that comes from a toxic rela- tionship with social media. At the time I remember feeling like my music was on hold, I had just gotten dumped, and was feeling lonely so I wasn’t in the best head space. After laying in bed for hours one day stalking people on instagram and feeling discontent with my life I realized I’m probably not the only one feeling this way… and decided to write a song about it. It’s important to remember that social media is oftentimes a highlight reel. Nobody’s life is perfect. We all will have good days, bad days, ups, and downs for the rest of our lives. We need to protect and feed our minds with truth and kindness, not be afraid to be real, talk about our mental health and support each other. 

I originally thought I would bring on a professional director and film a professional video with a totally different treatment but then the pandemic changed all of our plans… The song kinda took on a new meaning to me as the whole world has truly been living though a screen. So I decided to just make the best of the situation and try shooting it myself. I pulled a few all nighters experimenting and just figured it out as I went. I put my phone on a tripod and shot a bunch of footage in my house. First I shot a bunch of footage dancing in my bedroom in a purple wig. In another room I set up a green screen that I ordered on- line. Then In my living room I shot with silhouette lighting behind me and my hands against the window, representing the feeling of being trapped inside. Lastly I painted my face black with mascara and eyeliner and shot a close up of my lips performing the song. Then it all came together in the edit. :) 



3. Your voice is so beautiful and powerful. How long have you been singing? 

Thank you! :) I’ve been singing my whole life. I used to sing songs to my mom as a baby in my crib and would make up little songs as a toddler when my dad would play piano. I started taking voice lessons and singing in recitals when I was 8. Then started writing songs at 14 after learning my first few chords on guitar and became obsessed. 


4. You have an “Acoustic Cover Sessions” on your YouTube channel. What was your favorite song to sing? 

I do! I haven’t done a YouTube cover in a while as I’ve been really focused on getting my originals released but my favorite cover I’ve done is probably “Sorry” by Justin Bieber. 



5. What inspires you as an artist? 

I’m inspired by real life experiences and vulnerability. Writing songs is how I process life and let go of things I need to get off my chest. It’s like therapy for me. I love making songs that make me uncomfortable to write because it’s usually a sign that I’m about to get really honest. I think that’s the stuff the world craves to hear. At least that’s what I want to hear. The most inspiring part of it all is getting to connect to other people through the music. That’s the coolest part about music to me. 



6. Do you have a dream that you haven’t fulfilled yet? 

The fact that I get to wake up and write songs and share them with other people is living my dream. But I do dream of releasing an album and touring arenas around the world someday soon… maybe winning or performing on the Grammy stage… I dream about that. 



7. Tell us about your new projects or future plans! 

I have a series of songs that I’m excited to release soon that all touch on different stages of heartache and are really personal to me. I wrote them over the past 2 years and it really helped me heal so I hope they will be healing and empowering to others as well. :) 



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