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Sep 8, 2020

Surfs up! Breakout band We the Commas are riding the wave off their new single and video for “Custom Made.”

Inspired by Stevie Wonder, The Ink Spots, Nat King Cole and Santo & Johnny, brothers Cam, Jordy and Lenny Comma make up this cool crew as they coast through the song with a harmonious vocal range. Whirling together the timeless influences of R&B, pop, and classic jazz, We the Commas create a current melody that showcases their artistry.

We the Commas explained, “The idea for ‘Custom Made’ came completely spontaneously and it was one of those songs that practically birthed itself. This track is a deeper dive into our sound and really gives a feel for who ‘We the Commas’ are.” Lenny adds, “It’s different because we are bringing in elements from 50’s pop, R&B, and classic jazz, which is a combination we don’t see much in today’s mainstream music. We’re inspired by so many different genres and our songs bring together those elements to create something that best represents us and our experiences.”

The trio stands out on the shore apart from mainstream music with their unique sound. We the Commas focuses on character and integrity as a baseline for their signature “Surf Alternative R&B sound”. Their refreshing comeback follows up their striking debut single, “Sherry” which totals over 1 Million views on YouTube!


Catch We the Commas’s vibrant visuals above and their interview with us below:

1. Tell us about your new single “Custom Made.” What is the inspiration behind the song?
JORDY: “Custom Made” was inspired by a conversation in the car, at our favorite look spot. One of our best friends had a custom hat he was talking about… then Cam grabbed his guitar out of the trunk and starting singing “I’m custom made for your love” just based on the hat! My brothers and I loved that lyric so it became the hook and Len and I added harmonies. We wrote our own verses from our own experiences with love. The song was then recorded in the studio a week later. “Custom Made” is an anthem to let people know that there is someone perfect and custom made for them. 


2. You also just recently released your song “Sherry” and the music video has over a million views on YouTube, what were your initial reactions to this almost-overnight success?
BAND: We were extremely surprised and thankful! We were hoping for maybe 50k. We saw the numbers going up and up and we were kinda in shock. It’s an honor to have our music resonate with so many people, and we hope our music and message continues to connect.


3. When did you all find your passion for creating music
LENNY: We’ve loved music our entire lives. Growing up, our parents didn’t want us to watch cable TV so would all listen to music together all the time. Our parents exposed us to so many different types of music and I guess their love of listening to music rubbed off on us and sparked the passion in the three of us which then led to us making music of our own. We started making music together after about a year of music lessons and we’ve been making music together ever since. Who better to start a band with than your brothers, right?


4. The three of you are brothers. What made you all decide to pursue music together in one band as opposed to individually? Was anyone initially opposed?
CAM: We actually love making music together. There is this magic that happens when we create together that could never be replicated individually or with others. We all have our own style and avenues we want to explore creatively, but when we bring it all together. Mixing and matching makes it so much better! We always wanted to be a band of brothers from the very beginning, none of us have considered going solo and add our own elements to the project. We support each other no matter what.


5. What are the hardest and best parts about creating with your siblings?
JORDY: Being in tune with each other creatively and emotionally makes it very easy to write and be creative together. We have had similar life experiences which brings us closer together. We are family, so we don’t hesitate to get straight to the point with each other and not sugar coat things… which is a blessing and a curse, hahaha.


6. Who are some artists that you consider to be inspirations for the type of music you make?
BAND: Young the Giant, The 1975, Dave Matthews Band, Frank Ocean, Robert Glasper, India.Arie, Justin Bieber, Santo and Johnny, Daniel Caesar…


7. If each of you could perform with one musical idol, dead or alive, who would that be?
LENNY: I would want to perform with Jim Morrison from the Doors. He had a very powerful voice and the way he performed put people in such a psychedelic state, And I love how The Doors and other bands of that era would do incredibly long jam sessions in the middle of their songs. I would love to be a part of that. 

JORDY: Young the Giant would be a dream come true because they’re truly instrumental in me finding my own singing voice. They are easily my favorite band. I love their harmonies 

CAM: If I had the chance to perform with any artist, I would want to travel back in time into the late 1950’s and perform with Santo and Johnny. Santo and Johnny create the most beautiful instrumentation and melodies. They inspire me to create music that makes you feel. I love Santo and Johnny!!!


8. What is the “hill you’re willing to die on”?
Dairy Queen has the best ice cream, no competition.


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  • Photographer Omar Guerra