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Premiere: The POPULAR Sessions

Billie JD Porter hosts an exclusive performance by Wolf Alice.


Aug 27, 2015

Looking for songs you just can’t get out of your head? The POPULAR Sessions hosted by Billie JD Porter will be that addictive. Fresh off of the release of their debut album My Love Is Cool, Brit-rockers Wolf Alice stopped by a local London pub to serenade us with a dreamy, acoustic version of the sentimental tune, “Bros.”



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  1. Gotta see the suit Mark. I’m the opposite. I like shnppiog for clothes, but it is frustrating shnppiog in a country where I am a giant. Luckily I have small feet. The Japanese have some cool shoes. How far are you away from the border conflict?

  2. Wow they rock. They’re really becoming a big hit. <3 they're so bringing back a new era of grunge.

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