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Premiere: DASHA

Photography: Holland Boege


Oct 5, 2020

Up-and-coming pop sensation, DASHA, is back with new music. She recently released the single “None Of My Business” that marks the singer-songwriter’s second official release of 2020.

“None Of My Business” is an anti-cheating bop for all of the people out there who have been cheated on or hate the thought of it happening to them. It gives off that “hot girl summer” energy that many of us are struggling to transition out of as autumn begins. In fact, DASHA sort of reminds us that our “hot girl summer” never really has to end. 

DASHA’s powerful focus on girl-power and dedication to creating catchy anthems makes her a force to be reckoned with in the music industry even early into her career. Her music is almost too relatable for music fans and captures the scenarios and struggles everyone has experienced, but this time from a new perspective. It’s apparent that on each new track, the “None Of My Business” singer effortlessly pours her heart out to listeners through intense and vulnerable lyrics. 

In an exclusive interview with Popular TV, DASHA opens up about her brand new single, social media, and more. 


1. Tell us about “None of My Business” and the inspiration behind it!

“None of my Business” is all about self-worth and self-love. I was inspired by the sentiment of never being the second choice and not settling for anything less than first. There are two ways you go about getting cheated on: you can cry and play the victim, or you can not let it affect you and show off everything they just lost. That’s what this song is about- romanticizing that ‘bad bitch’ energy. I came into the session with Chelsea Balan already having the first verse melody and guitar loop and from there the single basically wrote itself!


2. You started your career at 12 years old and since then you have been writing, dancing, acting, and singing. Did you imagine that this would become something real like is today? What was your biggest motivation?

Absolutely- I can’t imagine any other career path. I’m so passionate about music and dance and creative expression that I have been basically preparing myself for this “launch” so to say, since my very first time on stage around three years old. I’m an enneagram 3 which is the “achiever”- I’m definitely motivated by personal success, as well as all the incredible creatives in my life. I always try to be the least talented “in the room” and consciously surround myself with really motivated friends and communities that I am constantly learning from. I am very driven to achieve all of my goals and then go beyond that. Anything is possible and that idea really excites me and constantly makes me work harder.


3. You have an old brother called Bardo, who produced many cool artists. How does it feel to have this family and musical connection with him? Is he one of your inspirations?

Bardo is so talented and I’m forever grateful that he’s my brother! He’s a constant inspiration to do more and to push my limits. We’ve always got each other’s backs and having a genetically built-in support system is everything.


4. In your opinion what is the best thing about being a young artist in the middle of music?

Being an artist and songwriter, there is always something you can be doing. Constantly new people to meet and connect with. There is always a new song to write or another content photoshoot to do. I love being busy and slightly overwhelmed. My entire life is music and I have youth on my side for a while helping out.


5. What would you be doing right now if you weren’t singing and songwriting?

I would probably still be playing volleyball and spending more time doing musical theatre and film acting.


6. Tell us something most people don’t know about you.

I am pesca-vegan (vegan plus seafood). I am a big environmental activist and the consumption of meat and dairy products is horrifying. I’m trying to go full vegan but sushi…


7. How much of an influence is social media on your day-to-day life?

I definitely spend a good portion of my day staying relevant and making myself as authentic as possible over a screen. Socially I want to show up as close to how I am in person as online. Sometimes not comparing yourself to others in similar positions is really difficult but in the end, it’s all about community, not competition!


8. Upcoming project, next plans… Tell us everything!

These next few months got me too excited! I just signed my first management deal with Quadio Records. We’ll be releasing my debut 7 song EP through Quadio Records and their partnership with Sony/ Disruptor Records in the next few months with ‘None of My Business’ as the first single! This EP is a collection of my best writing yet. I’ve gotten to dive further into the production of the songs, as I am doing most of my own vocal recording and engineering for the project (including None of My Business). There are many exciting co-writes and collabs in the works including many overseas! I’ve been doing lots of vocal features of other artist projects and cannot wait to share more as we get closer.

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