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Sep 14, 2015

Who doesn’t love the butterflies in your stomach that come from making out with someone you’re into? That’s the idea indie-pop singer-songwriter Julia Nunes had in mind when she came up with her track “Make Out.”

“All I was doing when I wrote this song was making out and dancing around my room to happy songs,” said Nunes of her bubbly song.

The track is an indie-pop gem that comes off of her upcoming album—a follow-up to 2013’s Settle Down, which finds Nunes shifting her image to a more mature place. At 26, the singer-songwriter has deleted the covers and music videos that helped her grow her 200K+ fanbase on YouTube in favor of fans focusing on the music she’s making now—something Nunes has explained in detail on her Tumblr.

Although Nunes has transformed her image a bit, the unflinching honesty found in her songwriting has remained, and it can be especially be seen in “Make Out,” which hones in on her relationship with her girlfriend Dannielle Owens-Reid.

“Man, making out is the fucking best,” said Nunes of the romantic pastime. “It takes over every other responsibility you have, work, sleep, health. I feel like I maybe didn’t eat anything for the first few months I was making out with Dannielle. I could have gone days without water without noticing.”

“Make Out” will be featured on Nunes’ new album Some Feelings, which will come out on 9/25. You can pre-order it here.