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Apr 4, 2020

The latest single “Pity Party” from country-pop artist, and Nashville native – Parker McKay has now been completed with the release of her new music video that we are so excited to premiere right here on PopularTV!


“Misery, it loves company – but there’s no way you’ll get that from me” – Parker opens the video and the song in a look fashioned by someone who is 100% DONE! This blunt track stands as an anthem for everyone who is in the midst of breaking free from a toxic relationship.


I know everybody has been through something where the other person is just trying to keep them on the line for their own selfish reasons. This is an anthem for when you want to let go of that person and remind yourself that you are worth someone who actually wants to be with you.” 


Giving off some “Sorry, Not Sorry” vibes Parker makes it clear that she won’t be making it to anyone’s post breakup pity party. Parker, along with friends, are seen throwing a celebration of their own that we’re kind of upset we didn’t get an invitation for?! From the ‘Feel Bad 4 Me’ brownies all the way to the ‘Pin the tail on the Person You Don’t Feel Sorry For‘ remake of an old classic, she surrounds herself with friends to dispel the case of needing any guy around.


Parker’s powerhouse voice is reason enough that she has previously opened for county legends Rascal Flatts, the Band Perry, and Sheryl Crow. Both a single and songwriter she is able to bring both a fearless and confident side to her music as well as those vulnerable moments and Pity Party shows that!


“Pity Party” also comes as the fifth single that she’s released in the past year following songs like “Honest” and “Lately” and she builds to a grander project.


Well Parker, “I hate to burst your balloons, well actually, I don’t”, but this song is a BOP or should I say POP?


You can follow Parker on Twitter and Instagram @HeyParkerMckay!

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  • Photographer Rachel Deeb