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PREMIERE: Sarah Silva “False iLLusions”


Apr 10, 2020

‘False iLLusions’ releases as a turning point in this young singer’s career!


At only seventeen, Latin-pop singer Sarah Silva drops the new visual for her single “False iLLusions” in the anticipation for her new EP, and we’re so excited to premiere it HERE on PopularTV!


Immediately upon starting the song, you are hit with an undeniable beat in this bass driven track. The opening lines “You’ve been on my mind/it’s been a long time/think I’m catching feelings” start off the retelling of the very familiar ‘boy-meets-girl’ trope, but with a “Gen Z twist”. Instead of happily ever after, the audience is hit with a “false illusion”. [Not] Timothée Chalamet is consistently flirting with the singer as well as every other girl in the video giving off mixed signals to the singer.


Thankfully our lead girl notices saying, “In the video, I invite a guy I’ve been talking to online, to one of my performances and right off the bat, I notice he’s a flirt with every girl he sees, so I’m like “nope” and tell him that I don’t need his False Illusions!”.


The bilingual singers adds in Spanish “porque papi tú sabes que yo se de tus intenciones” that she see’s his intentions and she’s not up for the games. By the time we get to the end of the chorus, it’s obvious he may not be around for long!


‘A household name in South and Central America, the bilingual singer has teamed up with producer, A-dubb (Anthony West), on an upcoming EP. Inspired by artists like Rosalía with hints of Becky G, Sarah is ready to make a splash in the U.S. with her own unique brand of Latin pop music.’ Even with the inspiration it’s clear to see that Sarah is her own artist, and an amazing one at that!


You can keep up with Sarah on both Instagram and Twitter @sarahsilva (Go on… they’re clickable), as well as checking out some of her newer released singles such as ‘Por Vida’ and ‘Entre Tu y Yo’ with sebastian urdiales and her previous PopularTV Feature!


  • Photographer Kimberly Yatsko