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Review: BINNY


Jun 24, 2020

We are so excited about the debut single “Retrograde” by the talented artist BINNY, we can’t keep it in!

BINNY is the moniker for Brian Lim, a trained musician, singer, and songwriter whose multitude of talents is proving to be a formula for success. With training in theater and a passion for fashion, BINNY is skilled at both creating a meaningful sound and a meaningful look, all that is needed for this star in the making to shine!  Hailing from Maryland and of Vietnamese descent, BINNY embodies his dual identity with his name being a play on the Vietnamese name “Tri Binh” which means peace.

And with the lo-fi beats and smooth soulful singing, BINNY’s recent release “Retrograde” evokes a feeling of peace as it tackles one of the most universal feelings: love. BINNY wrote the song about the struggle to fight temptations in the face of toxic love, using the astrological “Mercury’s retrograde,” to examine the way people act due to love, attraction, and yearning.

BINNY wants his single as well as his music to be a form of medicine to his fans, providing solace and safety through his emotionally heartfelt lyrics and soulful delivery. BINNY wants to use his platform to increase representation for Asian Americans in music saying “I hope to be a part of that change and be an inspiration for other Asian Americans who want to pursue music.” And with idols like Ariana Grande, Kim Petras, and Celine Dion its fair to say that we can see this young star becoming the next face of soulful pop!

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