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Review: DOPICO


Jun 13, 2020

The rebranding of this young artist and along with the release of her self-titled debut album is sure to bring an exciting new phase to her career, however, don’t take our word for it – DOPICO can 100% ‘Take Care of [Herself]”.


The Cuban and NYC raised artist DOPICO dropped her debut album on May 1st, 2020 for the world to hear as she showcased powerhouse vocals and astonishing songwriting skills. On top of building a music career, DOPICO is getting her master’s degree at Columbia University to become a mental health therapist. “Music can fuel us to take care of our minds and bodies when we’re emotionally drained,” she said. “When the pandemic hit, I knew I had to release this work.”


The bilingual singer also throws a bit of Spanish into the mix in what happens to be her most streamed song on Spotify ‘Money’.


Although the singers tone changes throughout, the album dances on the line of “thoughtful pop” and a hard place as the singer finds her voice. While deep, expressive, and feminine vocally, the album is rooted in “modern electro-pop/soul”. “The energy of the music really connects to our range of feelings right now,” she said.


The artist has also enjoyed had many successes including her single “Nice Boy” being selected by Spotify for one of their most popular curated playlists, and she’s been featured in a Google Pixel commercial. DOPICO has also performed her music live at many iconic venues, including atop the World Trade Center and we’re sure it won’t be long until the singer is back up and performing.


You can keep up with DOPICO on both Instagram and Twitter @IAmDopico (Go on… they’re clickable), as well as checking out her debut album right here (previous tracks still under “Madeleine Dopico”):



  • Photographer Thatcher Brusilow @brusilowphoto