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Review: Harry Hains


Jul 8, 2020

Harry Hains had a vision for a world without labels, boundaries, and limits. While his life was cut too short earlier this year, his family has honored the legacy of the artist by releasing his music posthumously. With his upcoming and posthumous album “A Glitch in Paradise” premiering soon, we are teased with his first single “Good Enough”, a ballad about acceptance, expression, and love released under his artist name ANTIBOY.

Hains was best known for his acting, with roles in The OA and American Horror Story, but was also a talented musician and songwriter. Under the name ANTIBOY, Haines accomplished the ability to transcend the limits of gender and expression and point out the nature of the social constructs that govern us, evoking the idea that “we are one human consciousness.” This transcendent nature permeates through his music, as Haines uses an amalgamation of rock, electronica, and gothic pop to speak on the universal issues facing humanity, specifically love.

“Good Enough” follows the artist through a relationship where one may feel “less than” and issues the message that self-appreciation and self-love are what is most paramount to us. Hains has used the mediums of film and music to express the importance of love and the yearning for a world without the limits of labels. His name, as ANTIBOY, seeks to dismantle the labels of gender and to focus on the utopian digital landscape that he sees the future providing. 

With his upcoming album to be released, we are excited to see what this young artist who transcended gender, medium, and the genre has created as his final project. Check out the trailer for the album below!

You can listen to “Good Enough” HERE and follow him on Instagram