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EP Premiere: Robyn Sherwell


Mar 30, 2015

Monday mornings are always tough, but we’ve got good news: Today, Robyn Sherwell is making getting out of bed much easier with her brand-new EP. Inspired by the singer and songwriter’s childhood growing up in Guernsey (an island off the coast of Normandy) this aptly-titled release Islander packs a mini-vacation into four breezy tunes.

Featuring everything from tribal-leaning percussion on the title track, to heartfelt soul in “Pale Lung,” the slick EP swings from upbeat to mellowed-out faster than you can say “piña colada.” And although Sherwell’s original songs are more enough to press play, keep listening for her cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide” at the end. (Because, trust us, you can never have too much Stevie Nicks in your life.) Thanks to Sherwell, the weekday has never sounded so good. Get a first listen of Islander below, then learn more about Robyn Sherwell here.