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Roundrobin Shares Indie-Pop Gem “Away From You”


Feb 4, 2021

Bringing together sounds and aesthetics from pop, indie and lo-fi, singer and songwriter Roundrobin is crafting his own lane, consistently releasing soothing and emotional gems. He released his debut EP Things That Never Fade Away last year, seeing it amass over 2 million streams in 2 months, and has collaborated with the likes of Marlus, Akzoo, Funky Fool, camoufly and more.

Now, Roundrobin is back with his first single of 2021, showcasing his songwriting and singing skills once again on “Away From You”. A smooth R&B/lo-fi vibe, “Away From You” is filled with intricate production and impressive lyricism. Starting off with intimate acoustic guitar licks and organic percussion, the single slowly builds up into an anthemic chorus with the help of atmospheric chords, trap-inspired percussion, and Roundrobin’s impressive vocal lines.