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Free Music From Ryan Hemsworth


May 6, 2015

As someone who prefers to work away in the studio, rather than bask in the spotlight, Ryan Hemsworth just might be one of the most popular guys in music today. Not only has the Canadian artist, DJ, and producer collaborated with the likes of Frank Ocean, Grimes, Lana Del Rey, and Cat Power —  he’s also been extremely generous with his music, dropping remixes upon the internet for free. For everyone who’s slept on some of Hemsworth’s most notable tracks, he’s making it even easier to grab them all.

Yesterday he made his back catalogue of mixtapes available online. Ranging from his early days all the way up to October of 2014, they’re 100% gratis. The reason? It’s officially finals season, and he’s the man behind some of the best study music around. As he put it on Facebook, “Shouts to my youths studying hard right now, u r the future. Hope this helps u on your voyage of the mind.” And although these cinematic, chilled-out sounds go great with Sparknotes and annoying end-of-year term papers, don’t worry — even if you’re not stuck studying, they’re still the perfect weekday soundtrack.

So regardless of whether you’re heading to the library or to the office, download 19 (!!) of Hemsworth’s epic mixtapes HERE


  • Photo Courtesy of Ryan Hemsworth