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Oct 15, 2020

Like all great artists get their start in the second decade of the 21st-century, multi-instrumentalist Sara Kays is taking her fans on a reminiscent journey of storytelling that details thoughts about her body, mental health, and struggles with divorced parents, and it all came to a head on TikTok.

“I’m literally camera shy. In a group photo, I’ll be standing off to the side. It’s the overarching theme of the EP. Most of my songs are about how it’s okay to be struggling, because I haven’t really gotten out of it—but it does get better. We’re all in this struggle together, and it’s all good.”

In her debut EP Camera Shy, Sara boasts a 7-track collection of original songs that help to capture the authenticity of her messages to fans. The EP is a follow-up to previous releases such as “Chosen Last”,“Smaller Than This” and “Home for the Summer” almost all of which have been streamed almost 5 million times each on Spotify.

Kicking off the EP with No Matter the Season Sara breaks headfirst into the first of many songs detailing her insecurities. “Aren’t you warm?” “Aren’t you sweating up a storm?” “Are you aware, that it’s hotter than hell out here?”, the artist sings as she introduces the chorus. The song presents itself on the surface as Billie Eilish level love of oversize clothing, turns out just the same as a way for the artist to shield her body from judgmental mental eyes and a protection from her own scrutiny “no matter the season”. The artist took to TikTok to explain the message behind the song and described her own closet as full of clothes she can’t wear and how she is over feeling insecure.

Following “Same House” is previously released hit Home for the Summer, a reminiscent story of growing apart too quickly. The song describes an adolescent friendship but feels like it’s fading too quickly. With the promises of coming “home for the summer’, Sara beams in the chorus over the lyrics “We won’t have to work so we’re gonna / Do whatever the hell we wanna”. She continues over the song about keeping the friendship alive and alludes to the fact that summer, just like when they were kids, will keep the friendship just the same as when they parted.

Smaller Than This, another track Sara had already familiarized her fans with, takes a more in depth look at Sara’s body issues over the delicate acoustic sounds of a guitar. Beautiful in itself, the song challenges the idea of Sara’s dream body and the hopeless acts of labor in achieving the unachievable since her “dream body” will always continue to be picked apart.

I’m Okay Though closes out the EP on a note of faux acceptance. As she brings the story a step closer to her present-day realities, she describes a divorce on the horizon along with the teen-aged issues of losing friends and loneliness. To the last note, Sara keeps a signature floaty air about her songs, grounding the project in a relatable way as it pulls on the heartstrings of its audience.


Already accumulating millions of views, Sara is sure to attract the attention of millions of more restless souls with this release.


Keep up with Sara and stream “Camera Shy” now below!



  • Photography Andrew Scott