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Sara Kays Unveils Stunning New Single “Picture Of You”


Apr 1, 2021

Having risen to international stardom seemingly overnight, Sara Kays is back with her second release this year, sharing stunning pop gem “Picture Of You.” The massively talented songwriter, guitarist, and ukulele player has seen meteoric success over the past couple of years off the back of her transparent character and unmatched creativity. Writing and recording all her songs on her own, she is turning her internal struggles with isolation, body image, and a fractured family into relatable and brave pop anthems. She has also built a massive following on TikTok that feels more like a community rather than a fanbase, always there to support her in anything she does.

Though Sara Kays released her debut EP Camera Shy last year to massive acclaim – 7 songs that have amassed over 15 million worldwide streams to date – her big breakthrough would come right after in the form of “Remember That Night?” The hit song’s incredible trajectory began when Sara Kays performed a brief acoustic rendition of it on her hugely popular TikTok, seeing the snippet immediately blow up and garner nearly 3 million views and over 720K likes in less than one week. Following this overwhelming reaction from fans, Sara Kays swiftly finished and released “Remember That Night?,” which went on to become a worldwide smash, surpassing 100 million global streams, climbing the top 40 at Triple A radio outlets nationwide, and being featured on a wide range of huge playlists across digital platforms. As a result, Sara Kays was praised by Billboard in its latest “Emerging Artists Spotlight,” rose towards the top of Rolling Stone’s “Breakthrough 25” Chart, and has been enjoying massive success ever since with her follow-up single “Future Kids” and now: “Picture Of You.”

Produced by King Henry and Steven Martinez, “Picture Of You” displays Sara Kays strongest qualities perfectly: honest lyricism, stellar songwriting, and soothing instrumentation. Starting off with smooth piano melodies and bright vocals, “Picture Of You” is without a doubt an attention grabber. As Sara Kays displays her distinct vocal style over the instrumental – that keeps building up with the help of smooth drums and acoustic guitar licks – listeners get a glimpse into her head, as she sings about her insecurities with being in pictures in a vulnerable way. As she explains herself:

“I wrote this song about not wanting to be in pictures all the time because I know I’m not going to like how I look in them. Sometimes I’d rather just keep a memory in my head.”