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Sarah P. Returns With A Soothing Cover of “Love Profusion” By Madonna


May 20, 2021

Having already shared 4 critically acclaimed albums since she kicked off her solo career back in 2014, as well as toured extensively as a member of dream-pop duo Keep Shelly In Athens, Sarah P. is without a doubt an artist with a lot of experience in the industry, and a will to do things in her own distinct way. Consistently experimenting within the pop landscape, while being a strong mental health advocate, Sarah P. has built a strong community around her that supports her in every step.

Marking her first solo release this year, following her collaboration with Phallen titled “In Two,“ Sarah P. has teamed up with Berlin-based producer Minna Music (aka Bibi Vongehr) to share a cover of Madonna’s “Love Profusion,” first released back in 2003 as part of her album American Life. Bringing together heavenly vocal lines, ethereal proaction and vibrant atmospheres, Sarah P. is able to pay homage to the original song, while infusing it with her distinct musical style.

“Our world has been turned upside down for more than a year. Naturally, we’ve realised that we need to turn towards the more familiar, the constant forces in our lives – those who give us joy and balance in abundance through the simplest gestures. That’s why I chose this song – because it echoes more intimately at this moment in time,” says Sarah P about the song.