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Music Video: Seinabo Sey


Jul 20, 2015

Romantic love songs are a dime a dozen these days, but it’s rarer to find a musician who can encapsulate a relationships with our real other half: our best friend, obviously. After all, it’s hard to channel bestie hangtime into a four-minute pop song. But, if there’s anyone who can do it, it’s Seinabo Sey and her newest single, “Pretend.” Just in time for the official dog days of summer, the Swedish songbird has dropped the perfect track to last you all the way til fall. Featuring her powerhouse vocals wrapped around a free-spirited pop melody, the song is the perfect jam to remind yourself to just roll with the punches (or, as Sey croons, “Things are going just as they should, knock on wood”).

The only thing better than “Pretend” is the track’s music video, which gives plenty of friendship inspo (and well as the ideal summertime soundtrack). Starring a pair of besties palling around town, the clip showcases what we all do when we’re chilling with friends: Make up weird dance moves, go on adventures all over the city, and just riff off each other in the way that only people thisclose can do. Watch the video above, then check out more from Seinabo Sey here.