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Oct 20, 2020

“Let’s take a break and enjoy the feast of youth.”

If you didn’t already know, K-pop is what makes the music world go round, and currently at the helm is SEVENTEEN (세븐틴), a 13 member group, with the release of their newest EP ; (or simply ‘Semicolon’).

It was only four short months ago (120 days if you want to get specific) that SEVENTEEN gifted Heng:garæ to the world with the title track Left & Right giving the Carat’s (their fans) enough fuel to get through the season. But the leaves are changing, and the fans were ready for a new release, and the boys did not disappoint. ; [Semicolon], just like the actual punctuation, is meant to join two independent clauses (or in this case projects) together. As the fans have already gathered, their summer release, Heng:garæ, is the first of the two, and there is no doubt that the third piece of the puzzle will thematically keep the punctuation trend afloat.

At only 19 minutes long, the six track EP it’s perfectly coordinated throughout the three units that make up the band, even with its performance unit currently out of commission due to COVID-19. This is probably due to the fact that these particular idols, are known as the “self-producing idols” and produce this entire album themselves.

Kicking off this EP with HOME;RUN, the boys went into full swing (pun-intended) with this modern-day jazz infused swing number doting in a noir backdrop for the official music video, which has already acquired 11 million views.

The boys also keep the same alive when they blend hip-hop, R&B, and jazz together in the fifth track AH! Love with vocals from Jeonghan and Joshua and an alluring rap from S.Coups.

A stand out from the EP, Hey Buddy with The 8, Mingyu, and DK, showcases the bold energy of the band in this bright dance track. Even as we get into a more enticing downbeat that carries verses into the chorus, the song keeps a certain atmosphere as the band plays with the retro synths and the familiarity of real brass sounds.

This eighth mini-album centers around and expands on the band’s ideation of youth and its support in the global pursuit of growth and introspection in its young fans.


Keep up with the band on Instagram and Twitter and be sure to stream ; [Semicolon] below!