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Singer Tamar Haviv Releases a song for the National Suicide Prevention Month.



Oct 5, 2020

Tamar Haviv recently released a new single “Come Together.” The track focuses on recovery and reminding listeners that despite how they feel, they are not alone. Having partnered with Melissa Ethridge’s #EthridgeFoundation to launch its music video which is beyond uplifting and features individuals from all walks of life as they were in quarantine. This release was specifically set for September as it is National Suicide Prevention Month. 


During a time of isolation, it is easy to feel alone and hopeless. In fact, Tamar Haviv recognizes that in a way that almost everyone can relate to through “Come Together.” It calls listeners to be more compassionate, kind, and loving towards one another especially during such heartbreaking and tumultuous times. Both the track and music video aims to inspire and remind those watching or listening about the concept of unity. “Come Together” empowers and strives to make the world a better place.

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  • Photo Kim Badawi