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Jan 15, 2016

One of the bands that’s having the most fun right now is Cardiknox. The pop duo, Lonnie Angle and Thomas Dutton, have previously toured with Bleachers and Betty Who while playing the festival circuit the past few years. Their songs are catchy, dance-pop jams perfect for grinding through your next SoulCycle class or dancing through the pain. You can think of their music as, well, ‘fit-pop.’

Premiering below is Cardiknox’s latest single ‘Into The Night’ from its forthcoming debut album. The song is a galactic, shimmering collaboration with producers Captain Cuts, and it kind of reminds us of what Ellie Goulding and St. Lucia would sound like if they had a lovechild. It’s an inherently liberating piece of music—think of the moment the kids from The Breakfast Club get to leave detention.

“We had so much fun creating this John Hughes-esque, 80s inspired anthem,” said Angle of ‘Into The Night.’ “We all felt it should live at the end of a movie as someone victoriously walks off into the next chapter of their life.”

Cardiknox will release its debut LP Portrait on March 11.