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Aug 27, 2015

Although Des Ark’s newest single may make you think of your local taco joint, “Don Taco & His Hot Sauce Toss” is actually about New Orleans post-Hurricane Katrina. If you’ve ever visited NOLA, you know that the community thrives on tourism, arts and culture—something that makes it a special place to live.

“‘Don Taco & His Hot Sauce Toss’ is a song about going home to New Orleans after Katrina and about finding my family and wrapping myself in my roots,” Des Ark’s singer Aimee Argote said. “It’s about falling in love with somebody I knew I’d have to leave, because they’d never understand where I come from.”

For a song with a title that includes the word “taco,” the track is a heavy indie-folk gem—reflecting on the repair of a community filled with a lot of history, love and creativity. Des Ark’s latest single wanted listeners to feel like they were a part of the band’s family—”Don Taco & His Hot Sauce Toss” is the band’s way of touching on things that didn’t make you feel so alone. It’s something you can tell with the music itself.  “We got a big group of people together to sing the chorus, inviting the listener to come into my home the way my New Orleans family has always invited me to come into theirs,” said Argote.

From their family to yours, Des Ark’s new track is below. You can pre-order Des Ark’s new record Everything Dies (due October 9th) here.