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Sep 22, 2015

Orenda Fink can add another band to her resume with High Up. As half of the duo of Azure Ray, a member of Art in Manila, Now It’s Overhead and O + S, Orenda has established herself in the indie rock world over the past 15 years. This time around, Orenda’s band involves her sister Christine. Hailing from Omaha Nebraska, the band brings together the Fink sisters, alongside Greg Elsasser on keys and guitar, Eric Ohlsson on drums, Josh Soto on bass and Jason Biggers as the horn section. On the band’s debut single “Two Weeks,” premiering below, Christine’s soulful vocals and Orenda’s gorgeous songwriting skills make the biggest impact. With a little bit of blues, soul and funk, High Up has created a musical masterpiece that gives Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas a run for their money.

You can catch High Up on tour with Conor Oberst next month.