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Song Premiere: Iris


Apr 6, 2015

It’s not unusual for musicians to count David Bowie among their list of influences, but to specifically call out Bowie’s starring role in the ’80s cult classic flick Labyrinth? Yep, that’s a totally different story. The film (which, coincidentally, co-stars a teenage Jennifer Connelly!) is the inspiration behind “Follow Me,” the latest single from IRIS.

The Spanish-born, Montreal-based singer and songwriter first made waves late last year with her shimmery synth-ridden track “I’ll Wait For You,” and her new release is just as addictive. “Follow Me” starts out as a slow-burner, but picks up the place with some uptempo pop melodies, lush layered vocals, and enough “ahhs” to convince you to start singing along immediately. It’s an ’80s throwback that feels remarkably fresh — so let’s just say, Bowie would be proud. Listen to the world premiere of “Follow Me” here, and meet IRIS below.

How did you first start playing music?
I grew up in a very musical household. Both of my brothers play guitar and sing. My parents always sang and danced around the house. My dad also plays the accordion. I have recordings of me singing songs when I was 3 years old that I would record on cassettes and send in the mail to my grand-parents in Spain for Christmas. This was way before the internet, pre-Skype days! I’ve always been majorly drawn to music and percussions and drumming came naturally to me. I was in school choirs and played in the school orchestras from the age of 7 and have been playing music and shows ever since.

What musicians were you obsessed with growing up?
Steven Tyler is my biggest musical obsession. He is a god to me. And I recently met him and got to hang out with him and he invited me to go backstage and watch Aerosmith from the stage. That was heaven. David Bowie stole a portion of my heart when I discovered him in Labyrinth, though. Other than that, I’ve always had a major sweet spot for Freddie Mercury.

What’s the story behind your new single “Follow Me”?
As I said, Labyrinth has played an enormous part in my musical upbringing. The soundtrack and the movie are simply amazing. I’ve always wanted to pay an homage to the movie and was waiting for the right song to pop-up. “Follow Me” was the perfect candidate. The song is about making the right decisions. But sometimes, what you wish for and what you end up doing is not necessarily the best of choices. It’s also about life’s journey and trying to find your path through its many obstacles.

If you had to describe the Montreal music scene in one sentence or less, you’d say…
You can catch killer bands live on any given night!

What’s next for you?
I want to do as many shows as possible throughout the summer!

Like what you hear? Go get “Follow Me” on iTunes Tuesday April 7th!