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Sound Off: Adelaine Morin


Sep 2, 2020

Social media sensation and rising singer, Adelaine Morin, returns back to the music scene with a brand new single “SPF 50.” The track, which will be followed up by songs “Ctrl Alt Delete” and “Golden Hour,” marks her first single off of her upcoming debut EP set for release on October 16th.

Adelaine’s fans gravitate towards her music and relatable lyrics, but also follow her endeavors across platforms like Youtube where she covers topics such as beauty, fashion, and self-help as well as gender equality and more. It’s safe to say her good vibes and devotion to female empowerment continue to easily draw in a dedicated and enthusiastic audience. And while being an “internet big sister” can be a lot to take on, Adelaine’s inspiring passion and experience make her the perfect person for the job.
In an interview with PopularTV, Adelaine Morin opens up about life as an influencer, her upcoming EP, and more.


1. We cracked up at ‘Nobody Cares About Your Instagram’! What is the story behind the song?

Haha, I remember walking into the studio with my writers, not knowing exactly what I wanted to write about, and we came up with this idea of poking fun at the entertainment/social media industry that we are in. A lot of the times, we can take our jobs too seriously and we have to remind ourselves that, “Nobody cares about your Instagram!”


2. Yellow is obviously your go-to color! You even went as far as titling a song after it, but the sings of positivity. Is there a story behind the color being your favorite?

I remember when I was a kid, yellow was actually my SISTER’S favorite color and I’d make fun of her for it, saying it was the color of pee! Meanwhile, a couple of years later, it becomes my favorite color. I loved the aesthetic, I’d make yellow Pinterest boards and decorate my room yellow. I love it because it’s such a bright, happy color that represents sunlight and positivity


3. You’ve done tutorials from Ariana Grande’s ‘God is a Woman’ video to Mal from Disney Channel’s ‘Descendants’. What has been your favorite and most challenging look so far?

I think my most challenging looks were my suicide squad series, including Harley Quinn and Killer Croc, but my favorite makeup tutorial has got to be Cheryl from my Riverdale series! The wig and makeup were on fleeeeeeeeek!


4. Being an influencer comes with so much of your privacy vanishing for the sake of your career. How do you handle that?

Growing up in the social media space, I’ve always put my life up online. I don’t really know what it’s like to have a private life, but over the past year, I’ve learned to appreciate the gift of privacy, especially when it comes to intimate relationships. When projecting your relationships online, it’s subjected to outside opinions which ultimately affect how you look at your partner. I don’t know if I’ll ever have a public relationship again, but who knows what life has planned for me in the future?!


5. What is a misconception about being an influencer?

One misconception about being an influencer is that our jobs are as easy as filming a ten-minute video and calling it a day. My daily tasks as an influencer include planning my titles, producing, vlogging, setting up lighting, lightly scripting, sending over the footage to my editor, working with brands, setting up photoshoots, brainstorming ideas for my own brand, planning songs and music videos, staying in contact with my management, PR, and agency, all while posting on all social media platforms daily. Some days it can be a walk in the park, but other days it can be jammed packed and stressful.


6. Congrats on your Adelaine x Tarte collab, #GirlsSupportingGirls! How do you personally take on the idea of #GirlsSupportingGirls?

One brand I’m proud of is my #GirlsSupportingGirls brand where we donate a portion of each sale to a girl’s nonprofit organization. We’ve donated to charities such as ovarian cancer, breast cancer, sick kids’ hospital, black lives matter, planned parenthood, Australian fires and so much more. Girls supporting girls is so much more than a saying to me, it’s a movement of empowering women wanting a change! While getting a cute hoodie too ;)


7. You’ve given a full breakdown before on how you earn money from merch to Google Ads. What was the best piece of financial advice you’ve received or the best piece you can give?

The best piece of financial advice I can give is to create multiple sources of income. I remember when I’d only do YouTube, I’d get easily stressed out when views weren’t as high as they used to be. As an entrepreneur, I’ve started, succeeded, and failed many businesses, but I’m happy to say I do YouTube, I’m a brand ambassador for multiple brands, I have my clothing line #GirlsSupportingGirls sold online and in stores, I invest in real estate, I’m a landlord, I’m a musician, I invest in other companies, I’m working on a book and am starting another brand launching in 2021! 


8. In a world where everyone has a platform, how do you differentiate yourself from your peers?

I like to describe myself as the crazy yellow lover that loves to share the stigma of #GirlsSupportingGirls. There are so many girls that believe we have to tear one another down to succeed or reach the top when it’s actually the opposite. The only way we women will rise to power is by lifting each other up. The more women in high authority, the more likely we all are to succeed!


9. Of all the current social media platforms, which is your favorite?

I think Snapchat or twitter is my favorite social media. I think it’s the ability to answer my fan’s deep questions and not have to act perfectly all the time that really connects us on those platforms.


10. Outside of your platform, what are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about eating healthy and working out. Since focusing on myself this year, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my confidence and mental health. I think I’ve become that crazy Beverly Hills mom that drinks matcha, goes to spin class, and meditates around the house naked. It’s come to that now


11. What is the ‘ultimate dream/goal’ for you?

An ultimate dream of mine is to go on tour one more time before I die. I went on tour a couple of years ago with my friend, Mia Sayoko, but I’d love to perform my music and connect with people in such an intimate way. Hopefully, the world goes back to normal soon and we can go to concerts and meet and greets again! There’s something so special about meeting an internet friend in real life and hugging them.


12. Tell us something most people don’t know about you.

Something most people don’t know about me is that I hate getting my nails done. Since the pandemic started, I began using the kiss press on nails. They take 5 minutes to put on and last about 2 weeks and they save SO MUCH TIME! Going into the salon for 2 hours seems like such a waste of time for me, so these press-on nails have been lifesaving and cheaper!! Haha.


13. What is a question you wish you got asked more?

One question I wish I got asked more is what makes me feel passionate and alive. And that for me is traveling. I love learning about different cultures, languages, and different ways people live their daily lives. It’s fascinating to me and I thrive in a new environment and meeting new people!


14. What does popular mean to you?

Popular is such a funny concept. In high school, I strived to be one of the “popular girls,” but once you leave high school you realize that you’d rather have 4 quarters than 100 pennies. Although the popular girls seem happy with all their friends, a lot of the time they have nobody close to going to if they have a problem. Having 2-3 girlfriends in high school was so much fun for me and I’m still friends with them to this day. Fuck being popular.


15. Do you have any upcoming projects you can tell us about?

I’m so excited to announce my first single off my EP, “SPF50”, dropping this month along with a music video about 2 weeks after. I also have my wildflower case collab launching August 14th and back to school merch launches on August 21st, including my favorite water bottle and bullet journal on my website, only available on
Thank you so much for your time and for interviewing me!
xoxo, Adelaide️


You can listen to “SPF50” HERE! Don’t forget to follow this cutie on social media: Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.