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Sound Off: Alec Chambers


Jun 21, 2020

Alec Chambers is back at it again! The latest of his string of new releases is “Something to Cry About’. A clear departure from his last full project ‘Covers’, the track pairs his smooth vocals and tasteful rasp with an ethereal pop beat. He writes, “‘Something to Cry About’ is about wanting to feel something, anything from a specific person when they won’t give you the same thing back.”

Alec’s most recent works, “Cold” and “Boston” further showcasing his versatility as a songwriter, vocalist, and musician. His debut EP, Whole Again, on which he plays every instrument, has drawn plaudits and offers of collaboration from an extraordinary line-up of musical luminaries.


1. How did ‘Something to Cry About’ come about? Did you start with lyrics, the instrumental, or a random idea? 

STCA was written in the summer of last year. The melody definitely came first. I wanted to channel something that was as emotional as what I was doing in my YouTube covers. I think this is a really good parallel as to what my real music is.


2. You recently released singles ‘Boston’ and ‘Cold’. What is the importance of those two songs to you?

Both of these songs will forever hold a special place with me. Boston was an outside pitch, but the story was basically exactly what I went through in 2018. My ex moved to Boston after we broke up. So when my friends Jordan Shaw & Will Tannergard sent me the song, it felt like a sign. They knew nothing about my relationship either LOL.

“Cold” was about a very recent where relationship that was just very toxic and even though I cared for that person, the only way I could get out of it was if I was “Cold”. We’re both doing much better now.. so it worked out.


4. You’ve been featured on over 40k Spotify playlists. Is this something you are still shocked/excited about?

Totally and most of those playlists are from a song I made in my basement. Just me & my piano. I’m still blown away by how many people are able to connect with me.


5. I was told that you played every instrument on your debut EP, Whole Again! How many instruments do you actually play and how long have you been playing them?

Haha I did! Drums were my first instrument, then guitar, piano & bass. Then I was like… maybe I should learn how to sing too. LOL


6. How did you get into music?

Definitely my dad. He nurtured my love for it from a very young age – also introduced me to bands like The Belts, Elton John, etc. and he bought my first guitar LOL



7. Do you remember the first song you ever wrote?

It was actual an instrumental – I remember getting my first 4 track recorder. I didn’t have a drum set set up so I beat boxed into the microphone. Played down some piano and guitar. It was trash.


8. Who are some of your musical inspirations?

I’ve been really listening to this girl by the name of Wolf. She’s killer. Also Boy In Space, Loote, Lauv, Chelsea Cutler.. love them



9. What would you be doing right now if it weren’t for music?

Lol honestly I try not to think about that…. But maybe like.. idk.. I’ve always wanted to be astronaut but like.. I hate roller coasters so idk. Ugh


10. What is a venue or city you are looking forward to performing in during your career?

MSG Of course! 930 Club in DC. & RED ROCKS!!!


11. You’ve been pretty vocal on your platform about recent events. Why do you think it’s important for people to speak up?

I think if you are not speaking up at this point then you are part of the problem. I said this on all my socials & I’ll say it again here.. if you have a racist bone in your body please unfollow me & never listen to my music again. We need to come together now more than ever… and I think we shouldn’t stop until that happens.


12. What was the last text you sent?

I sent my friend a funny TikTok LOL


13. Can you tell us a secret?

When I get nervous I stutter really bad


14. What does popular mean to you?

Billboard Top 100 :)



15. Can you tell us about any upcoming projects?

A bunch of singles coming this year!! That will eventually become an EP hopefully by the end of the year!


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  • Photographer Jake Sundean @Jake.sundean