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Sound Off: Alex Sampson


Apr 17, 2020

 When he isn’t busy going to school, writing music, or traveling to LA to work on his career – you can find Alex Sampson hanging out with family and friends in Atikokan!

From bedroom production to the recording booth, Alex Sampson has been busy recording and planning for his EP, Let There Be Light, coming fall 2020! Fresh off the release of his new single and video for title track “Let There Be Light”.

Thankfully the Canadian teen took the time to talk to us about his inspirations, his love for Owl City, and a few of his favorite things.

Check it out!

1. Tell us about your new EP “Let There Be Light” and the inspiration behind it.

The inspiration behind my Ep “Let There Be Light” is being yourself and not caring what anyone else thinks. Not changing yourself to please others.

2. How long have you been singing and writing music?

I’ve been singing my whole life but I only recently started writing about six or seven months ago.

3. Can you tell us a little bit about your writing process and from where do you get inspiration?

My writing process isn’t that complicated. I usually start with an idea and I work on a melody and then I bring it up to my team and we go on from there. I get inspiration from things that happen in my everyday life.

4. Favorite thing about LA?

My favourite thing about LA is definitely the hot weather, being that I come from Canada!

5. How do you deal with school, career and family?

The process of dealing with school and my family hasn’t really been that different. I live in a small town with about 3000 people so I can still go to public school, and I actually have a lot of time on my hands!

6. If you could work with any artist, who would it be?

If I could work with any artist, it would have to be either Owl City, or Jeremy Zucker because I’ve always been a huge fan of both.

7. Music idol?

My music idol has to be Owl City (Adam Young)

8. Musically, have you ever fulfilled a dream?

Of course. I mean I still have dreams to fulfill such as performing live and going on tour. But my biggest dream was to have music out to the world.

9. Perfect weekend?

My perfect weekend would have to be out at camp with my family and a few friends.

10. Favorite food?

My favourite food is anything CHICKEN.

11. Karaoke Anthem?

My karaoke song is New York City by Owl City

12. Dream Duet?

My dream duet would have to be Tate McRae.

13. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I hope to see myself performing live in front of thousands of people, and being happy.

14. What does popular mean to you?

Popular to me, is someone who gets a lot of attention, whether it’s good or bad.

15. Do you have any upcoming projects?

Yes, I have a lot of upcoming projects…I’ll be dropping new music leading up to my EP coming Fall 2020!

You can keep up with Alex on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok over at @itsalexsampson! (Go on… they’re clickable).

You can also check out the music video for Let There Be Light right here


  • Photographer David Esterson