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Sound Off: Angie Rose


May 18, 2020

The Sound Off today is about the beautiful and talented, Angie Rose. With a new single called “Like Gold”, that is inspired by a true story, the singer is moved by pure love and never let anything put her down.
Check out the full interview now.


1) What was the inspiration behind your latest single “Like Gold”?
My latest single was inspired by my truth, the story of a girl that finally learns her value and decides she will only be treated “Like Gold” and nothing less!

2) What is your favorite line from the song?
My favorite line has gotta be “don’t you go dancing round through my mind if you know we ain’t stepping on the same timeline”. I’ve wasted and seen so many friends waste their time on people who just weren’t in the same frame of mind, at this point in my life I have 0 mental space for someone who doesn’t see my value.

3) What moves you as an artist?
Life! I always say I try my best to dream with eyes wide open. I love to see life lived, I love listening to people’s stories and I love showing people the beauty we overlook every day!

4) What is something you hope people take away from your music?
A little piece of heaven (lol) My hope is that whether I make a reggaeton, pop, or hip hop song that there would always be a thread of  Inspiration, value, hope, and a beautiful reminder of the love that is available to us all!

5) What was the day like when you got signed?
Surreal, but in a humbling way. I was excited about the next step but braced myself for the pressures of growth!

6) Who are artists that you draw inspiration from?
So many! Before I knew to memorize names I fell in love with the sound. My inspiration finds its roots in my childhood, 90’s RnB, Salsa Hip hop, and the melodies of a small church in the Bronx!

7) What is your favorite line from a song that you didn’t write?
Honestly almost anything Ed Sheeran at this point (lol) but in college “Afire Love” caught my heart! “
And if you fell to your death today I hope that heaven is your resting place”. In my family I was forced to understand the pain of death from a young age, this line repeated over and over as I healed! WIth a song sometimes you only get one line to make the whole thing make sense, and other times one line makes a whole bunch of other things makes sense!

8) In 2017 you helped raise money and supplies for Puerto Rico. Can you tell us more about your work?
Well, to make a long story short I was born into a family that made it their lives work to help! My parents have been Pastors since I was born and have inspired me to do everything I can when I can! When Hurricane Maria touched PR it broke my heart, I called my Dad, my church, and leaders from my city and we came together for a relief concert! In 7 days we brought out 500 people, raised 5k, and flew my team and me to PR. When we landed we got calls from the Ricky Martin Foundation and FEMA who ended up helping us set up distribution centers all over the Island. (Some of which are still open to local communities today!) Since then we have continued to fly back and forth bringing relief and making it our job to be the help to those who help!

9) What is a dream for you?
I’ve dreamt about opening schools and community centers all over the world most of my life, I have 0 plans to give up on that dream!

10) What is a goal (musically) that you have reached?
I think this counts! I remember watching a video by a rapper named NF and I said at that moment “If I ever signed to a major label I would love to sign to the label that works with him” today that is the story!

11) What is something (besides music) that you are passionate about?
People! My team and I currently run an afterschool in the Bronx, NY, and seeing these kids realize they can be everything they’re meant to be is the greatest gift. I’m passionate about being an example that reminds people who they are and that God doesn’t create mediocrely!

12) What do you find special about where you grew up?
I love The Bronx, it seems to unintentionally specialize in creating treasure! I feel like this city tests by fire and proves by pressure!

13) Dream collab?
J Cole!

14) Can you tell us a secret?
Sure, I’m scared to be everything I say I want to be but I’ll never let that stop me!

 15) Can you tell us about anything you’re working on right now?
Tons of music, tons of content for socials, and continuing to community projects in both The Bronx, NY, and Puerto Rico.


You can listen to “Like Gold” right here and follow Angie on Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. Go on… they’re clickable.