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SOUND OFF: Ashlee Keating


May 23, 2020

If shouting ‘YASSS‘ from your balcony just isn’t doing it anymore then what you need is Ashlee Keating’s new single AND video – “YASSS” (that’s with three S’s btw). Not only does the track give us an early Queen B reference making us feel ‘so Beyoncé’ but it was also written with friends and family in the LGBTQ+ community. If you’ve forgotten how to spell icon it’s A-S-H-L-E-E!


She sat down with us to talk about the inspiration behind “YASSS”, upcoming projects, and what it means to her to support the LGBTQ+ community. #Queen



1. Tell us about “YASSS” and the inspiration behind it!

YASSS was so much fun to write & create in the studio! It’s a fun, uplifting up tempo, pop song. I went into the studio that day feeling myself and feeling some type of way (hence the lyric “I’m gonna flip my pony, okay b**** I slay”). I’m always saying YASSS, so the writing came about so naturally! My co-writer, producer and I laughed a lot in the session. I just wanted to create and write a song most importantly that represented me and my personality, but also a song my fans (#Keators) could relate to feeling happy, and make them want to dance along and feel themselves like the day I was writing and recording it!



2. You have so many bops! Do you have a favorite one?

Awe that’s so sweet thank you, appreciate that. I love all the songs I create, but right now I’d have to say it’s “YASSS”. I’m really excited to see how the rest of my new songs end up. I feel like I’ll definitely have a new favorite soon. Lol



3. You have worked with so many incredible artists and producers. Besides them, do you have someone that you always dreamed to work with?

Oh my gosh!!! YASSS haha. I’ve always dreamed of working with Max Martin, but also Ryan Tedder, Julia Michaels, and Oak Felder to name a few. There’s so many amazing artists, writers, and producers I dream and aspire working with in the future!


4. You are an LGBTQ+ icon. Do you feel a lot of pressure for representing such an important movement?

Awe thank you. I’ve been blessed to be surrounded with friends and family members who belong to the LGBTQ+ community my whole life. I feel lucky that I learned the beauty of it, in a person accepting themselves for who they are, from day one. Although I may not identify as LQBTQ+ myself, I admire the strength, pride, and perseverance, and respect the community so much for progress it’s made in pushing today’s culture forward…Plus, I STAN the culture of supporting one another, bringing each other up together as a society, being extra when you want to be (and being damn proud of it) and embracing your true self, no matter in what capacity!


5. How is it to deal with your music and acting career?

I love it, I like to keep a busy schedule so balancing both things works well for me.


6. You launched your career when you were only 6. Do you have any advice for those who are currently starting their career?

Never give up! Work super hard every day, if you want this as a career you’re going to have to be super discipline. I’m a firm believer, you can do anything you set your mind to! Go for it!


7. You are a dancer, songwriter, and actress. What do you do to always keep yourself creative and ready to deal with everything?

I don’t really think too hard about it to be honest. I live in the moment, Creativity you can’t force, it just happens naturally.


8. Musically, have you ever fulfilled a dream?

Having my song “Hurt Me So Good” hitting the top 10 on the dance/club billboard chart was definitely a high point! However, I have many more goals, aspirations, and dreams to fulfill!


9. Karaoke Anthem?

“I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston


10. Dream duet?

Sam Smith or Bruno Mars. I have so many dream duets!


11. Define your fashion style in one word! 

EXTRA! lol


12. Timeless fashion piece?

Denim jeans


13. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I hope to be a household name, entrepreneur, and philanthropist hearing my songs on the radio inspiring others through my music and gifts.


14. What does popular mean to you?

For me, popular means being liked and admired by many with my music which would be my growing family of fans I call my #Keators and #TeamAshlee


15. Do you have any upcoming projects or plans? 

Yes, many things in the works! As you know things have changed a bit during quarantine, so I’ve had to put some things on hold and I’ve been adapting to this new lifestyle working hard from home. I’ve been writing some new song ideas, for when I can get back in the studio. I also started a new series on my youtube channel called “Sofa Sessions With Ashlee: Live Quarantine Covers” which is super raw, just me on the couch singing & covering some of my favorite songs. I’m excited for my future plans outside of quarantine and what’s to come next! Stay tuned!



Keep up with Ashlee on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok right now! Go on… they’re clickable.


  • Photographer Emilynn Rose