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Nov 16, 2017

Meet indie/R&B artist Bryce VineThe talented vocalist who just released his new single “Drew Barrymore,” which has seen substantial and immediate streaming success. The track has racked up over a million streams on Spotify in less than a month, and has reached as high as #19 on the Global Viral 50 Chart, and as high as #12 on the US Viral 50. Bryce travels and tours pretty much in any city he can get his hands on and we had to meet up with him once we knew he was back in Los Angeles.


Check out our exclusive interview with Bryce Vine below.

1.   What was your inspiration for your lastest single, Drew Barrymore? I wanted to write a song about a special person that you just click with.  I wanted to make a song that didn’t focus on appearance.

2.   What inspires you to write and perform your own songs? I was 13 when I discovered my passion for music.  The idea of creating my own songs was exciting.  I never considered having other people write them for me.

3.   If you could work with any artist – who would it be? John Lennon and Tupac, but I don’t see it happening soon.  Also would love to work with Gorillaz, Mura Masa, Chance the Rapper, to name a few.

4.   What helps with your writing process?  I haven’t quite mastered a process.  Songs come in to my head all the time in different ways but it helps that I read a lot and try to listen to as much random music as possible.

5.   What city was your favorite to perform in? Why?  Indianapolis, Detroit, Atlanta.  The crowds there just light it up, every time.

6.   Favorite song of yours?  Glamorama or Bang Bang.

7.   Where do you want to be in 5 years?  Touring the world on a massive level with the same team I have now.  I want to see places and meet people from all walks of life and help make the world, if not a better place, a happier one at the very least.

8.   Can you tell us about any other projects you have coming up? Working on my first full album called Carnival that will release in 2018 along with a full run of national tour dates that I will announce soon.

Also working on a collaborative project called Scrub with my friend JP, a writer I work with frequently.  I’m leaking some of those songs on my Instagram live feed every Wednesday, if you want to tune in.

Lastly, I wrote a song for MAX that I really love. His talent really shines on it. I very much believe in him as an artist.