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Sound Off: Caroline Renezeder


Jun 24, 2020

There are many characteristics that we can use to describe Caroline Renezeder. She is soul, purity, love, talent, and obviously beauty. In other words: The exact embodiment of what Popular TV is!

Debuting a new single called “Common Theme”, Caroline wrote the song to send a message to herself and to express her feelings when it comes to romantic relationships.
Through her music, we can feel and know exactly who Caroline is, and the connection she has with her art.

Many say that when we express feelings, we feel lighter, so maybe this is the time and we should all follow Caroline’s example.

Caroline, we are in love with you <3

1. Tell us about your new single ‘Common Theme’.
Common Theme is essentially about me being a hopeless romantic. I tend to be a bit too trusting when it comes to love and 9 times out of 10, it has gotten me in trouble. Avoiding red flags and giving the wrong boys the benefit of the doubt has been a recurring theme in my life. In order to hammer the concept into my brain that I shouldn’t be doing that, I thought perhaps I’d write a song about it. So alas, here is my vibey, alternative message to myself that If I truly want to attain the sort of love I so desire, I need to break the common theme of my love life and stop going for guys that are all wrong for me.

2. How did the Illuminate Creative group come about?
I created ICG after self-managing the release of my first single in 2017. I thought if I could do that myself, why not start my own thing. I definitely didn’t do it alone. But having my own company gave me the ability to create my own team of individuals who I love and trust. I have a lot of ideas and I consider myself more an entrepreneur than solely an artist. I know my company eventually will span across multiple industries.

3. When did you realize you had a talent?
I don’t think I ever necessarily realized I “had a talent” but more so that I just loved music. I started singing, playing the piano, and making up songs since I can remember. Luckily I just was sort of good at it. But it took a while to nurture that craft into something people wanted to listen to. But again, my desire to do it was always way bigger than my belief in whether or not I had a talent.

4. If you could work with any artist – who would it be?
Stevie Wonder! He is my all-time favorite and working with him would be a dream for SO many reasons.

5. Describe your sound in 3 words!
Alternative, soulful, fluttery haha.

6.  What is something you want to express with your new releases?
The beauty in effortlessness. This song is one of the first I have not overthought. I gave little to no thoughts in regards to how “commercial” it was or “how many people would vibe with the sound”. Rather, I just made what felt right. That’s why I think this may be the most authentically “me” song I have ever released. Hopefully, people can hear that!

7. What has been your most memorable show to date?
Performing at The Hollywood Palladium on KYLE’s LightSpeed World Tour no question. The energy was insane. And to top it off all of my family and friends were there. I remember performing and looking out to the audience and literally seeing my best friends dance and scream my songs from the first row. My grandparents were also there. Having them at a show was hands down my favorite music memory to date.

8. What Top 40 songs are you listening to right now?
Is it bad I just had to open up the Spotify Today’s Top Hits haha? I’m a huge fan of Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber’s stuck with you. It’s so cute. I also can’t help but dance, when I listen to Doja Cat, Say So. Supalonely by BENEE is also amazing. Roses – Imanbek Remix. Blueberry Faygo (lol).

9. Go-to quarantine snack and activity?
Activity is teaching myself how to play guitar and going to the beach! A snack would have to be blended oat milk green tea boba from Urth Cafe. YUM!

10. You’ve been teaching yourself the guitar during the quarantine. How is that going?
Ah, I’m obsessed with it! Literally it has opened up a new side of my songwriting I didn’t know I had. It’s definitely going better than I expected!

11. What has your time at USC been like? What are you studying?
I absolutely loved USC. Not only did I make the best friends, but I learned so much and had loads of fun. The entire experience was incredible. From football games to Greek Life, to my classes in the film school. Every moment was more than I could have asked for. And I got my BA in Narrative Studies :) Basically the study of all sorts of narrative and storytelling. Playwriting, songwriting, screenwriting, writing fiction/ non-fiction, dance, you name it!

12. What are you looking forward to?
Being to travel post quarantine!

13. Can you tell us a secret?
Hmmm, I’m normally asking this question when doing interviews for CelebSecrets lol. Ummmm, my fourth finger on both hands doesn’t move. Like I don’t use it to the type or anything. I can’t even do the Star Trek sign. Weird I know.

14. What does popular mean to you?
I guess just something a wide variety of people like at a certain time. That is the definition of popular to me, but I would say being popular has an entirely different connotation. To me personally, I would love it if my music was popular, however, I don’t make it to be popular. I make it for the people who want to listen :)

15. Are there any other upcoming projects you can tell us about? 
Quarantine has definitely brought out loads of new ideas. Lots of songs, but also ideas for screenplays, business ventures, etc.

You can listen to “Common Theme” HERE! Don’t forget to follow Caroline on social media: Instagram and Facebook.