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Sound Off: COIN


Apr 26, 2020

With a fresh new album titled “Dreamland” full of great songs and cool vibes,  it’s safe to say that the indie-pop band COIN has launched their best project to date. The album integrates the best of the group’s memories, adventures, and stories all into one.

COIN is the type of band that you will never get tired of! They have an identity, soul, and talent like no other!

Lucky for us, the band took time during this quarantine to talk with about their first years as a band, how everything changed and what they are going to do after this is finally over.

Check out their full interview below!


1. Your third album “Dreamland” just released. How would you describe this album versus the self-titled “COIN” and “How Will You Know If You Never Try”?

Chase: “Dreamland” is the most honest batch of songs we’ve ever written — introspective airplane iPhone notes turned into an album. We were also fortunate enough to produce the bulk of this album internally, which gives me a little extra bit of pride.


2. Tell us about “Valentine” and the inspiration behind it.

Chase: Ohh, this one is my favorite on the album right now. Giving yourself to something fully means allowing it to make you or break you. There’s a beauty/horror in trust falling 1,000 feet deep into someone’s arms. That thought has crossed my mind a lot in my relationships, both romantically & ~professionally~. 

Ryan: All things in life are either born out of love or of fear. The second half of the chorus hints at indecision & how needless it is. The subtlety of that lyric covers so much ground & has been a huge theme for us over the last few years. Well-tempered consideration & tireless indecision are very different points on the spectrum of human emotional intelligence. We play with both like fire because loving someone can make it so hard for us to understand, discern & in turn, act. Love is wild!


3. Belmont University has a lot of notable music alumni – were you aware of any of them before forming COIN?

Chase: BRAD PAISLEY, baby!!!

Joseph: Josh Turner lol

Ryan: I didn’t go to college. Go, Bruins!


4. You made it two dates before the Dreamland Tour (like many other shows) as well as the No Shame Tour, were canceled. What cities were you most looking forward to performing in?

Chase: First, the first two shows of Dreamland were amazing, and the rest is going to be amazing whenever they happen… Second, the 5SOS dates are canceled?! Third, we love playing in every city where people exist. People are so amazing. 

Ryan: We wanna play everywhere in the world!!!!!!!! *2 weeks into total isolation* 


5. Do you remember your first performance as COIN?

Chase: I remember every painstaking, glorious, bright-eyed, close-minded, dead set on winning, dream-filled second. Playing clubs, warehouses, an arena at our college, a magazine launch party… basically anywhere that would let us play. I loved it all, but I really wouldn’t wanna do it all again. 

Joseph: In a massive empty warehouse for a local (Nashville) magazine launch party, Ryan used a drum shield. They told us if we played quieter, they would get us more shows. So, it begins.

Ryan: Hahahahahahahaha! I love us.


6. You’ve gotten to go on tour or perform with The 1975, Bad Suns, and Neon Trees. Who would be on your dream tour lineup?

Chase: We’re honored to have shared the stage with those bands. Dream line up: An evening with Alan Jackson playing Chattahoochee for 90 minutes. 


7. The single “Talk Too Much” was played EVERYWHERE! Is there another single you have that you wish would’ve gotten the attention “Talk Too Much” did?

Chase: I like this question. Honestly, I don’t write a song without the hope of millions hearing it. But I’ve learned to trust that the people that hear a song are the people that are supposed to hear a song, whoever & however many.


8. You also perform at universities for their spring and fall shows. How are those different from regular performances?

Chase: I’ve grown to love these types of shows. They are fun snapshots of American youth, and when I get the opportunity to interact with the students, I’m usually delighted by their intelligence and excitement. That said, most of those individuals come to hear “live music!!!!”, only familiar with one, two, or no songs. I sound so old. University or not, it’s the same show.


9. What is something you wish more fans knew about you?

Chase: Joe is always fixing stuff – guitars & amps, carpentry, you name it. The clerk at the hardware store, down the street, knows his first AND last name. 

Joseph: Ryan has the best impressions of people I’ve ever seen. His acting skills are extremely exceptional. Chase is literally the Google search engine.

Ryan: I wish more people knew how HILARIOUS JOE IS!!!! He’s so subtly so funny & has been one of my greatest sources of joy in life. Regarding Chase, I wish more people knew how much Chase loved sports. He’s a freak. Loves the game. Plays hard. Loves to win. He’s a total strategist in life & would be the greatest coach of all time. I’m unsure how he would react to getting the Gatorade poured on him. The dude would win a lot of games.  


10. “Cemetery” on your new album really stands out. How does a song like that affect you?

Joseph: It affects me in a very emotional way. I think this song means different things for all three of us. At the time we wrote this, I was going through some really tough family stuff. The emotion of writing this will always stick with me no matter how many times I play it. 


11.  What has been your biggest “WTF” moment since forming?

Chase: Man, getting this far has been shocking. 

Ryan: Well said. We’re blown away by the little things :)


12. What has been your go-to quarantine activity & snack?

Joseph: We’ve been writing a lot, and I’ve been doing some home improvement projects around the house. As far as snacks are concerned; every meal is important, no such thing as a snack. All gourmet over here. 

Chase: Eating avocado with a spoon gets the job done… Maybe walnut or two. 

Ryan: Cooking for my parents!! They don’t eat out much, so if I “present” a dish as if it were being served in a restaurant, I look like a total pro. And the truth is, I’m actually terrible. There’s a lot to learn. God bless them.


13. What is your favorite song off of the album?

Chase: “Valentine” or “Babe Ruth”.

Joseph: “Never Change” or “Heaven Hearted”.

Ryan: “Nobody’s Baby” reminds me of a song our favorite bands growing up would make. I love it :)


14. Can you tell us a secret?

Joseph:  I made a living room tent last week with my girlfriend. It stayed up for a week. 

Chase: I was in a local theatre production of “Fiddler on the Roof”.

Ryan: Due to the uncontrollable laughter that ensued after reading Chase’s response, I have decided to fall silent. The secret, which isn’t much of a secret now, is that if the clock passes 1:00am, I will cry myself to sleep from laughing too hard.


15. *Ask each other a question*

Joseph: You guys remember when we had to play a 90-minute set when we only had like 30 seconds of material?

Ryan: Yes. Yes, I do. 

Chase: The one on New Year’s Eve in Seaside, Florida where the show stopped 45 minutes in due to lighting or the bicycle race in Ohio where the opening band went on after us and played covers for 60 more minutes?

Ryan: Can we hang out soon? Six feet apart?



COIN‘s new album “Dreamland” is available in all digital platforms, and you. can have more information on their social media: Website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.


  • Photographer David O’Donohue