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Sound Off: DJ J.Worra!


Sep 27, 2018

Meet the incredibly talented, producer and DJ, J. Worra! She is originally from Chicago, but it now based in LA, where she has had an exciting year! She played at Coachella and Lighting in a Bottle. She is also developing her own line of merch with company Strata!

We got a chance meet up with her in LA and ask her our exclusive questions.

How was it to DJ at Coachella this year, can you tell us more about that experience?
Coachella was one of those experiences that make you stop and realize how far you’ve come as an artist. I had a blast playing there and I went back to LA very inspired.

How did the collaboration with Strata on your first line of merchandise come about?
I got connected to Strata through my manager and after a face-to-face meeting with them I knew this was the perfect partnership. I’ve been wanting to create something that was more streetwear vs typical merch and I have so many more ideas to build off of my first launch which is a denim jacket, black denim vest, and a t-shirt.

Dream concert ticket (any band, any decade)?
Easy! Fugees- late 90s post release of The Score

Favorite Artist?
This is tough.. I have so many. I will pick outside of House music though and say Yoke Lore or Chance The Rapper

Karaoke Anthem?
Hmmm.. Wilson Phillips ‘Hold On’

Favorite Movie?
I love comedies.. I could probably watch Bridesmaids everyday

Favorite snack?
Can pizza count as a snack??

TV addiction?
I don’t watch a ton of tv but I’ll save the answer to this question for question #12

Last fashion item purchased?
Denim button up from G-Star!

Three people—dead or alive, real or fictional—that you’d like to invite to dinner?
Air Bud (dog from the movie series)
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Green Velvet

Do you have a party trick?
Yeah it’s called the shady fade… when my anxiety hits its maximum.. I sneak out the door without saying goodbye to anyone

Tell us a secret?
I am addicted to The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise (I can’t help it)

What does popular mean to you?
It means being on a platform where you can make a positive impact

Can you tell us about any new music or projects you have coming up?
I have a few tracks I’m really excited about. One of them is called Ride or Cry and with a collaboration with rrotik and Dances With White Girls. The other is called on the run and it features vocals from Kaleena Zanders and also in collaboration with Venessa Micheals. Not sure on release dates yet but stay tuned!