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Sound Off: Gavin Haley


May 27, 2020

There’s a reason singer Gavin Haley has garnered acclaim from Ones To Watch, Billboard, and Alternative Press. The singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist creates music under an alternative pop, breezy guitar, and slow-burn soul umbrella as expressed by singles “Show Me”, “The Way I Am” and “Jet Lag”, creating music that speaks to that all to familiar side to all of us.

Haley has also released his new single “The World Keeps Spinning On” which serves as a timely track speaking to those often ignored little moments set to a soft yet expressive guitar track in the back ground. Beyond his two most recent tracks, Gavin has racked up over 25 million total streams in the last two years as well as 12 million streams n his single “The Way I Am” and almost 8 million on “Jet Lag”.

Keep reading to find out the inspiration behind his new single, artists he’d love to work with and his go-to cover song.

1. Tell us about your new single “The World Keeps Spinning On”! What is the inspiration behind it?
Don’t wait for things to be good to find a reason to be happy. The world keeps going with or without you, being here is a blessing. 

2. We fell in love with your voice! How long have you been singing?
Since I was like twelve in church, but really started taking it seriously when I was eighteen.

3. In 2019 you debuted an EP called “Long Game”. Do you have a favorite song?
“Low Beams” for sure! 

4. Tell us about “2FU”!
It’s the first song where I’ve kinda gone into the world of my mental health. In 2018, I was going through some things and just locked myself in my apartment, and this song is inspired by that. 

5. Can you tell us a little bit about your writing process and from where do you get inspiration?
Always starts with chords and a melody for me. I have stories I wanna tell, but the melody to me makes the world for the story. I just get inspired by the life and everything with it.

6. You are extremely authentic and have a very interesting vibe. Who are your inspirations in music?
It changes often. A lot of times the artists I’m inspired by ill sound nothing like. I just like good music. Right now, I’m really listening to this album called “Dreaming of David” by Ryan Beatty. Crazy experience. I also love BENEE. Her voice is so different. Love UMI for her authenticity. Also listening to a lot of Glen Campbell right now.

7. We can’t stop singing “Half Evil”! What the song is about?
The whole “Half Evil” tape is about someone who only wants you when they can’t have you. I put a lot of pain and energy into that project. It really helped me get over someone. 

8. If you could work with any artist, who would it be?
This also changes a lot. Truly I think about this too often. Be really cool to do something with Kendrick Lamar. That dude is special.

9. Musically, have you ever fulfilled a dream?
I’ve reached a few of my personal goals. I feel like the fact I get to do music and chase this is the dream. Tryna grows the dream every day.

10.Favorite song for a cover?
“How To Save A Life” by The Fray

11. An instrument you would love to learn how to play?
The organ!

12. Dream Duet?
Not sure yet.

13. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Probably living somewhere in Italy.

14. What does popular mean to you?
A platform. The opportunity to have influence.

15. Do you have any upcoming projects?
Releasing new music all year long <3

Keep up with Gavin on Instagram and Twitter now as well as listen to his new single “2FU” right now below:


  • Photo Credit Frances Haley