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Sound Off: Haley Reinhart and Morgan Dorr


Jun 21, 2020

Growing up in a musician’s family and owner of one of the most incredible voices in the world, Haley Reinhart is a complete artist.

One of the most difficult things for artists these days is to keep the essence and love in everything they do and well, Haley has that to spare! The singer previously participated in American Idol and was recently invited to do a live performance on Janis Joplin Instagram.

By her side, we have Morgan Dorr, her producer, and an integral part of the unforgettable band “Boys Like Girls”  (How can we forget about “Two is better Than One”? Such an anthem!) Morgan is also credited with his currently collaborations with Nikki Vianna, Pete Murray, and Fitz and the Tantrums as well as Bella Thorne’s single Walk With Me with over 10MM+ Spotify Streams to date!

Besides writing, producing, and singing, the multi-talented Morgan has a beautiful project called “Highland Park Collective”, and he told us everything about it!

Hayley Reinhart:

1. You recently released the song “Piece of My Heart”, a tribute for Janis Joplin. How this idea came up?
It’s amazing that this song always has and continues to come up in my life… I watched my parents band “Midnight” perform it at all of their gigs growing up. Eventually, I performed it on American Idol for the “Rock n Roll Hall of Fame” week. These days I perform it with my own band as well as other rock legends like Robby Krieger (guitarist of The Doors) and Slash (guitarist of Guns n Roses.) I guess you could say I have a love affair with this tune and it only felt right to record a cover that’s made a huge impact on me and my family.

2. You come from a very musical family! Have you always been interested in the music career or did that influence come later?
100%, always!!! As far as careers go, I never really considered a “plan B.” I already knew as a little girl that I was put on this earth to sing and spread love all around this planet.

3. What is your biggest inspiration in music and what message do you want to spread with your songs?
I get inspiration from my entire surroundings! From my lover to the sounds of nature, to heartbreak through the tough times, and the most magical times… I want to continue to inspire people to tap into their highest potential and chase after their passion! I want everyone to feel confident, sensual, empowered, loved, medicated, moved, and limitless after hearing my songs. :)

4. How was being part of the American Idol?
It was amazing a one in a lifetime experience that is hard to put into words. I almost feel like it could have been a dream… That’s how fast it all happened and how truly surreal it was. It was the start of my professional career and I’m beyond grateful for these o’ mine!

5. How did you meet your producer Morgan Dorr?
One of my agents actually introduced us and we totally clicked.
It was super fun and easy to create this track with Morgan. He knows how to have a good time in the studio and work hard as well… That’s how I too like to operate. It was so great of him to encourage me to get my parents on this track (my dad is playing guitar and my mom and he is singing background vocals.) His father is also featured and playing bass! It was a complete family affair and felt super warm all around.

6.  Unfortunately, your tour had to be postponed due to the virus, but you will be back soon! Which cities are you willing to perform?
I am so bummed out that I can’t connect with fans in person right now and do what I love most… PERFORMING ON STAGE!
My team and I have decided to cancel all of my U.S. tour dates and get full refunds for everyone. We may have to do the same for Europe. I will definitely keep everyone posted as things develop! I’m hoping to make up these dates in 2021! Sending love to you all! X
For now, fans can go to or follow me @haleyreinhart and keep up with announcements! 

7. Do you have a favorite song to do a cover?
“Can’t Help Falling In Love” has given me the most success and I’ve received a ton of beautiful covers of my version from others online. It’s brought a lot of people together. Who woulda thought a cover on an Extra Gum commercial could make people get so deep in their feels!

8. Dream duet?
Paul McCartney, Hozier, Lukas Nelson, Harry Styles, Rufus Wainwright, Michael Kiwanuka… and the list goes on!



Morgan Dorr: 

9. You have a beautiful project called “Highland Park Collective”. Can you tell us a little bit about it?
Wow thank you, one never gets tired of the “B” word. HPC started essentially as my house in highland park, where we built multiple studios. We work with Sony/ATV within the film TV space, visual arts, and furniture-making as well.
It is just a place to get weird and meet like-minded folks.

10. You have an amazing career with your former band Boys Like Girls. How did everything start?
The band was already a top 40 act before I joined. It just so happened they needed a newbie. It was a challenge to gain the spot, but a blast and something I’ll never forget.

11. You are a multi-talented artist. You sing, you play, you write and you produce. How is it to manage everything?
It’s like having a bunch of tools: They all get lost sometimes. One day you want to write, but you’re not in the flow. I suppose that when you like doing so many things that you’re kind of a slave to do whatever you’re inspired by that day.

12. Tell us a little bit about your writing process: From where do you get inspiration, how is your creative process, and if you have any special trick who you are writing.
If something can gimme the chills or make me cry, or touch me in a way; If something must be written about or If I feel I must run into the other room and show someone something, that’s what makes me want to put the countless hours into finish a song.

13. You have worked with so many talented artists! Is there anyone you haven’t worked with yet that you would love?
Well yes. Sting I’ve never actually heard his music but the fact that he’s making it I respect that.

14. What does popular means to you?

The coolest girl at school.

15. Are you and Haley working on new projects? Tell us about what is coming next!
Yes, Haley and I are gonna link on many things! We got a guitar riff going about a month ago, and we chatted about a Beatles cover. Ask her!

Well, we can’t wait to listen to this new song! While they don’t release, what about streaming “Piece of My Heart”?

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  • Photographer Brian Doherty @briandoherty