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Sound Off: Joyeur


Aug 28, 2018

Meet new female pop duo Joyeur! They write, record and produce all of their own music.  They will be releasing the first debut EP this fall. Last week they released their first single “Fast As You Can” and we are premiering their new video directed by Hallie Cooper-Novack.

We got a chance to sit down and chat with this power duo!


How did you both become music partners?

It’s typical romance story. We met, we vibed and we basically never parted. We first were introduced in a writing session and by the end of it had formed a band in some unspoken way. From there, our work ethic and creative taste just aligned. It’s the only thing either of us want to do or talk about!

Why do you call yourself Joyeur?

Joyeur is a hybrid of “voyeur” and “joy” meaning a person who gets off on watching others engaged in joyful activity. We truly enjoy the process of making a song and bringing it to life. When we see people dancing their asses off to our music, it get us so high.

What was your inspiration for writing “Fast As You Can” (FAYC)?

Jo: FAYC was a tale of unrequited love turned stalker serenade. Unknowingly, I was drawing from a personal experience of rejection and this song was that shameless voice inside. It’s the voice of the inner creep who’ll lurk, lust and loiter if she has to to get what she wants! It was my escape from having to be tamed and collected all of the time, while simultaneously having so many emotions brewing internally. Long live the creep.

Dream concert ticket (any band, any decade)?

In Unison: The Beatles!

Favorite Artist?

Jo: Impossible to choose only one. We love Lisso, Trentemoller, Sohn, and Tune-Yards.

Karaoke Anthem?

Jo: No Scrubs by TLC

Anna: Basket Case by Green Day

Summer playlist?

‘The Future Is Female’ Spotify playlist by Madame Gandhi

Favorite DJ?

Anna: Nina Kraviz

Jo: Captain Cuts

TV addiction?

Jo: We love GLOW on Netflix! Because Anna is of Russian descent and I’m American, we joke that she is Zoya and I am Liberty Bell.

Last fashion item purchased?

Jo: My good friend gave me an awesome pair of high-waisted Chinese satin fabric pants. I’m obsessed.

Anna: Vintage red leopard-print jacket that I can’t yet wear because it’s too damn hot in L.A.

Three people—dead or alive, real or fictional—that you’d like to invite to dinner?

Anna: Albert Einstein – I feel like it would be educational but also I think he liked to party!

Jo: Amy Schumer. I’d be like, you’re invited to dinner! Now, make me laugh.

Do you have a party trick?

Anna: Yes, I’m a disappearing act.

Jo: I can guess anyone’s horoscope sign within the first 5 minutes of talking to them. Swear to God.

Tell us a secret?

Jo: To pump ourselves up and relieve some nerves, Anna and I made up a secret pre-performance dance that is equally embarrassing as it is entertaining.

What does popular mean to you?

J&A: Popular is what people celebrate as the norm and right now that is being reshaped. For example, we want it to be “popular” to see women in the top-tiers of the music industry. We’d also love to bring back the mullet!

Can you tell us about any shows or projects you have coming up?

Anna: Our debut EP drops October 5th! We will be announcing some very secret shows this fall…