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Sound Off: Justice Carradine


Jul 30, 2020

Chosen Music/Atlantic recording artist Justice Carradine has returned with the release of his irresistibly catchy new single, “Limbo” along with an official video filmed entirely in the beautiful outdoors of Utah while in quarantine which you can check out down below!

Co-written by Justice and produced by Luke Niccoli (Gryffin), “Limbo” pushes Carradine’s unique brand of high energy pop towards new heights, once again fusing alternative, R&B, rock, and more to create something moving, memorable and altogether his own.

In this interview, Justice opened up to PopularTV about the meaning behind “Limbo” and what life is actually like on tour!


I wanted to start off by congratulating you on your new single ‘Limbo’. What was the creative process like that song?

So, when I made the song, I had no idea what was going on. It was exactly like I was in limbo. While making the song the songwriters I was working with were saying “This is what you’re saying” and I went “Okay. This is what the song is.”

You said it was kind of transition into your 20s. What are your thoughts about it now?

At first, I really felt like it was letting go of that identity I had as a teenager and I was stuck in the middle. Now I’m kind of left wondering “Is it done? I don’t think it’s done.” Now it’s still a place. It’s still like a hangout spot, but the indecision is still there and the unknowing that I had then. I see how it rippled out.

Speaking of transitions, what was that transition like when you moved to LA from Utah last year?

It was honestly kind of rough. I left my family which was rough, and LA is just completely different from Utah. Utah is kind of a bubble and it feels really safe. It was exciting and is still exciting, but it’s a lot more lonely. That was tough for me to deal with so I had to say “well, you got yourself. Be your best friend.”

Do you think there’s a creative difference that you kind of felt when you moved from Utah?

Yeah, I feel like in Utah when I was writing songs it was easier to be more vulnerable and open probably because I was surrounded by like everything that I knew. Whereas in LA, it’s been, in my experience, a bit scarier being that open especially when you’re writing with people.

You’ve been releasing singles up to this point in your career. Are there any plans for a full project in the future?

I’m actually planning on releasing an EP probably later this year with about six or seven more songs including the first releases.

Right now in music, playlists and EP have replaced full traditional albums and artists are releasing more singles instead.  As an artist what are your thoughts on that?

I think it’s dope. Albums are really cool and I like that albums can have full themes and it can really like tell a whole story, but singles and EPs can also do that for a moment in time.

‘Necessary Evil’ was a masterpiece within itself. How involved in the writing process are you?

I’m pretty heavily involved. I’ve always loved to write songs so that’s something I’m super passionate about. I like working with other songwriters but I’m also kind of annoying. Sometimes I’m like “No, I really want to say this this way. I really want to do this.” I write a lot of my own songs too.

I saw that the musical gene also runs in your family?

My grandpa grew up in Hawaii and was in a band. He was always around instruments. He played the drums and got all of us grandkids instruments – guitars, drums, keyboards – so my whole family always jams out together.

Do you guys ever think about creating a band?

Honestly, we did! It never happened and I’m really happy it didn’t happen. My brother and I have written songs together and maybe we’ll write some more together in the future.

When did you all start playing?

I believe I was about six.  I’ve been around instrument for a really long time, but I didn’t actually start learning and taking it seriously until I was about 13.

So very young! How has your process changed since then?

In the beginning, I was just in love with it and the idea of it just kind of blew my mind. Around 15 or 16 I didn’t really know what I wanted to say or if I had anything to say, so since then it’s been like “Oh sh*t there’s actually things that I feel coming through me. Seeing my progress in music has helped me be able to see myself more.

I want to hear more about your signing to Atlantic and your discovery!

So, I wrote this song called ‘okay’ that I’m planning on re-releasing. I originally released it on YouTube and then decided I wanted to do this better. I wrote that song, I sent it to my manager and he loved it and we were like ‘We’re going to do this thing.’ We had a couple of meetings, flew up to New York, and here we are.

Your debut single actually premiered on Billboard! What was it like having an opportunity like that so early on in your career?

It was honestly mind blowing as hell. Seeing my name with Billboard I was just like “Damn. That’s fire.” I thought it was cool because like I’ve always wanted to see that, and I never thought I would. It’s still mind blowing.

Did you ever create a bucket list of things you want to accomplish in your career?

A Grammy would be fired I mean who doesn’t want to win a Grammy. I have a lot of venues that I really want to play at. A lot of artists would really love to perform at Madison Square Garden which is iconic, and I have smaller venues that I wanted to play my own shows at in my hometown like Kilby Court. I used to go to shows there all the time to see artists I really love and I think it’d be cool to play there. I really just vibe with it.

Do you remember the first concert that you ever attended?

My first concert ever was for Avril Lavigne. My mom and my aunt camped out. We did that sh*t. I was front row. It was the best time I was so obsessed with Avril Lavigne and I still kind of am. I remember being on the Jumbo Tron a lot because I was just singing my little heart out. It was really funny and when we were walking out all of the people were like “Oh my God! That’s the little kid from the jumbo screen!”

You toured recently with Spencer Sutherland and Amber Liu. Was tour life at all what you were expecting?

Not at all. It wasn’t what I was expecting, but it was really f*cking cool. It was a lot more fast paced than I thought it would be. I loved seeing all the cities. A lot of the places I’d never been to on both tours.

Do you have any tour misconceptions for us?

I feel like people think that you have a lot of free time, and in reality, you don’t. You get to the city sleep for a couple of hours and then you have to start getting ready for sound check, and then it’s the show, and then usually right after the show you dip. There’s not really that much time to just hang out.

Is there a song currently out that you wish you would’ve written?

Oh my God. White Ferrari by Frank Ocean. That song man… It just hits all the levels.

Now I have kind of a weird question. I found some stories about you on Wattpad. How do you feel about that?

I’ve never read them, but I’ve gotten tweets about people saying that they’ve read them which I think is cool. I know sometimes they can get like pretty scandalous and that’s kind of the main reason why I haven’t read them, but I think that’s interesting.

What do want your fans to know about you through your music?

I want them to know that when I’m writing I try to be very mindful of how I’m using my words because my intention with all of it is just to help and be truthful about what I’m experiencing and how I’m handling it. I am hoping that if they’re going through something similar that I can give them some sort of like direction.

How are you coping with quarantine whether that’s creatively or mentally?

It was fine at first. I thought it was great. Obviously, it’s scary, but I was like down time? Dope. But recently, especially being in LA, it’s a lot harder quarantining. In Utah you can go to the mountains and escape. It’s been a little challenging but it’s forcing me to handle my sh*t which was nice.

Have you picked up any new skills in quarantine?

I’ve been working on my yoga skills so that’s pretty cool. I’ve been getting into yoga and it’s been a vibe.

If this question is a vibe check, what song are you playing?

‘What a Feeling’ by One Direction. I miss One Direction so much Holy F*ck.

Last question! What would you be doing right now If you weren’t creating music?

I’d be in a decked-out van traveling, probably with a dog. Touring the mountains. I’d probably still be creating music just in a van in the mountains.



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