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Sound Off: Lili Kendall


Apr 6, 2020

Lili Kendall is the real mixture of authenticity, magic, and love. With a new single called “lovely empress” and another big project coming up next, the singer writes and interprets music in a unique way that made us fall in love with her.
Luckily, Lili took some time to chat with us and tell us all about her music, inspirations, and future projects.

1) Tell us about “lonely empress” and the inspiration behind it

I was in a relationship that, at the time, had become something that was no longer serving either of us, but we were holding onto it. I needed perspective or guidance of some sort, so I drew one of my tarot cards that morning and I pulled The Empress. Later that day, Syience, Javaughn & I went into the studio. We talked a little, smoked a little, and I guess divine timing conjured up a magical recipe of circumstances that day, between heartbreak, tarot, green, friendship & music.

2) You were able to work with Grammy-Award winning producers on this single. How did that come about?

I happen to have been blessed to have met some amazing people since moving to LA that I am now honored to call friends and even live with!

3) “lonely empress” has a neo-soul vocal, a pop beat, but an overall R&B tone. How did the sound of this song come about?

Javaughn started playing guitar, Syience started building his crazy sounds over the top of his riff, and I started jotting down lyric ideas to the melodies I was mumbling. It grew into what it it is from there.

4) The song really talks about not only a war that you face with someone else, but with yourself. Is that where the arrow in the artwork comes about? Can you tell us more about the artwork?

That photo was taken and edited by my friend Tomace while I was visiting Copenhagen. He heard the music I was creating and sent me back that arrow picture. I was obsessed! It almost looked like cupid missing my heart with his bow. When I chose to release lonely empress as a single, something reminded me of that photo, and it felt perfect for the song. I think the emotion you feel through that photo is the feeling I felt that inspired “lonely empress.”

5) What do you want to transmit with your music? 

love, herself.

6) What drew you to the music industry and how long have you been singing and writing music?

I’ve always loved music, but I realized I was good at singing when I was about 10. When I was 12 my parents got me a guitar, and that semester in school we learned about poetry (divine timing), so I blended the two concepts and wrote a song. It was the best feeling ever. I kept writing, started playing live a year or so later when I had enough songs. My mum started to manage me, she started her own business with my dad, but the music industry is a whole other beast, so she was just kinda figuring it out as we went along. As I got older, I started taking control of my own shit and figuring it out for myself. I was about to turn 20 and had a chance to move over to Los Angeles, so I took it. I moved here, was back to square one in a different industry, got fucked over a lot, grew up a bit, figured it out for myself all over again, and somehow created my first album out of it all! Long story short, it feels like I’ve been doing this for a lifetime, lol.

7) Can you tell us a little bit about your writing process and from where do you get inspiration?

I pull inspiration from my feelings and my circumstances. I like to create with musicians & producers in the room, all creating the track together, so everyone’s energy is a part of the song. It’s important to me.

8) What song are you most excited about from love, herself?

It changes all the time, but right now I’m really excited for “lonely empress” to be heard.

9) Musically, what is a dream you have fulfilled?

Waking up happy & healthy, with a roof over my head, and a space of my own to create music.

10) Who is your music idol? 

Too many to list. Here’s a playlist with some of my favorites!


11) Where do you see your music in 5 years?

I try not to put expectations on people or things, I think it’s a human fault of ours. But I hope it lyrically and sonically grown, yet still growing.

12) Our office is also very obsessed with your style! Where does the inspiration behind your entire “aesthetic” come from and do you think you frame it to match your sound or is that a second thought?

Haha, thanks! As long as I can remember, I’ve always been fascinated with fashion & beauty, maybe even before I realized music was my main outlet. My mum says I was the only child of hers that refused to be dressed by her. I was adamant on putting my outfit together every morning, was always unhappy with the outcome of her or my big sister doing my hair, and even went as far as giving myself a sneaky bathroom pixie cut when I was 3. I’m a Gemini, I like to express my inner world, outwards. I think that’s why I look like a different person every week ha! I go with the flow, and how I’m feeling that week, is generally expressed and felt through my style, music, etc.

13) What is something you wish you could bring from Brisbane to L.A. or vice versa?

I wish I could bring our Australian coffee quality & culture here, and LA’s weed quality & legality to Australia. :-)

14) What does popular mean to you?

For me, especially musically, I think ‘popular’ is defying enough standards and genres and reaching enough people to the point of them being unable to stick you in one box. ‘Popular’ is one box that fits all.

15) Do you have any upcoming projects?

Yes. One more single April 10th & my debut full-length project “love, herself” on April 22nd.

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